David Webber    (18G8)

Consultant specializing in applications of XML to business information systems, David Webber is a graduate in Physics with Computing from the University of Kent at Canterbury. David has been involved in XML and SOA standards development since the inception of XML ten years ago. He was awarded two US patents on XML and EDI process techniques. Most recently his work on SOA projects for NIH/OD program was awarded "Best Organization SOA Application" in October 2006 by the Federal CIO Council SOA CoP at their conference at MITRE. He is currently working on a DHS/ICE project for search integration using the LEXS/NIEM standards.    (18G9)

Ongoing interests include applications of XML both as a standard lexicon and also a scripting technology to enable simpler and more agile information solutions. This focus includes participation in the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) in several OASIS Technical Committees, including chair of the Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) TC Content Assembly Mechanism Technical Committee. David was recently recognized as a Senior Member of the ACM for his work in the industry.    (18GA)

David has co-authored the New Riders Press book ebXML: The New Global Standard for doing business on the Internet, designed to give managers, executives and business implementer a required understanding of the integration aspects and requirements for doing e-Business with XML. David also publishes articles in the wider technical press including most recently The SOA Journal.    (18GB)

see also: http://www.drrw.net/    (18GC)