Ontolog invited Speaker Presentation - Mr. Peter P. Yim / CIM3 - Thu 2004-05-20    (21X)

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PeterYim will talk about some of the rationale behind the [ontolog] Community of Practice (which he co-convened with LeoObrst and KurtConrad). In particular, he will take the opportunity to share the vision and issues relating to the CCT-Representation project, where we will be developing a CCT-ontology (an ontology for the ebXML Core Component Types) and using that as a basis to foster further collaboration with the standards bodies.    (237)

http://www.cim3.com/people/PeterYim-picture_20040509.png    (23D)

Peter P. Yim Peter has more than 30 years working experience as a manager, entrepreneur, technologist, researcher, strategist and futurist. He has managed as many as 3000 people and 300 software engineers, and has built companies from scratch to $500 million in revenue. He has learnt the art and science of working effectively at almost any part of an organization -- from the executive office, to corporate boardrooms, to R&D, all the way to the shop floor. He works in corporate settings, academia, as well as on non-profits, education and government boards.    (23E)

Peter has been a pioneer in developing and applying collaboration technology in manufacturing and software development; and in the integration of multi-cultural virtual teams and global enterprises. He is the proponent (first in 1990) of CIM3 (originally, Computer Integrated Man-Machine Manufacturing; and now, Collaboration in huMan-Machine-Methodolgy) -- an approach to holistic organizational improvement through extending the traditional CIM architecture and design to incorporate the paradigm of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). Peter also pioneered the introduction of the following key implementations in various countries in Asia -- SMT (Surface Mount Technology), ISO-9000 (Quality Standard), LAN (Local Area Networking), EDI (based on UN/EDIFACT standard), 3rd generation MRP Systems (based on a client/server architecture), CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) and Software Engineering.    (23F)

He graduated from Cornell University in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, and has concentrated in organizational behavior and personnel management studies at Cornell¬ís Graduate Business School.    (23G)

Peter has held senior management positions at companies like Astec (Sr. Mgr.), VerticalNet (Program Director), the Wong's Group (GM), Philips (GM, BOD member) and the CIM Group of Companies (President & CEO). He and his hardware operations has contract manufactured for corporations such as IBM, Apple, HP, Dell, TI, Xerox, Seagate, Ford, Delco, Matsushita, Alps, Atari and Sega. His software operations has developed network o/s, groupware, ERP and high availability systems for the stock market. The many tertiary institutions he has worked at include the UCLA Plasma Physics Lab, MIT Research Lab of Electronics, Cornell Psychology Lab, the CWRU Center for Management of Technology (Adjunct Faculty member), the Institute of Industrial Engineers (Vice President), the Institute for the Future (Research Fellow), the Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies (Fellow), the AC/UNU Millennium Project (Research Panelist, Contributor, Reviewer and leads their SOFI system project), Doug Engelbart's Bootstrap Institute (Staff Advisor) and in the XML open standards work of OASIS Universal Business Language Technical Committee (among founding members). He also co-convened [ontolog], the international open forum on informal and formal ontology for the business domain, which, incidentally, is hosted on his company's CIM3.NET collaborative work environment.    (23H)

These days, he operates CIM3.NET to provide ISP/ASP service to host communities of practice and distrbuted project teams, continues his R&D work in collaboration technology and knowledge management, consults, writes, lectures and works with children in education. He has been sitting on numerous industrial, technology or educational boards and committees, as contributor and advisor to various governments, tertiary institutions and standards bodies. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA and can be reached by e-mail at peter.yim@cim3.com    (23I)