Adrian Walker    (HM)

I work on a browser-based system that supports self-explaining applications written in open vocabulary, open syntax English. The system reasons about ontologies and networked relational databases. The system works as a kind of Wiki for open vocabulary, _executable_ English. {nid SQ6} It also works as a semantic reasoning SOA endpoint on the Web.    (173Z)

The underlying design goes beyond the usual (meta)data semantics, combining it with a model theoretic logical semantics, and with a semantics for the real world meaning of English concepts.    (SQ7)

The system is live online at , with many examples that you can view, run and change using a browser. As befits a Wiki, shared use is free.    (SQ8)

There are ontology and other examples that you can view, run and change, using browser -- such as "MedMine2", which adds executable English knowledge to otherwise semantically opaque medical data.    (SQG)

You are cordially invited to write and run your own examples. There is nothing to install -- just point your browser to .    (SQ9)

The system accepts business rules in English, and small numbers of facts, typed or copy-pasted directly into a browser. You can then run the rules, again using a browser. For larger amounts of data, the system uses information in the rules to automatically generate and run SQL over networked databases. From a few highly declarative rules, the system typically generates SQL that would be too complicated to write reliably by hand. However, the system can explain its results in step-by-step hypertexted English, at the business or scientific level    (SQA)

Since the knowledge for the system is written in (executable) English, it can be searched on the World Wide Web using Google.    (SQE)

(I hold a Ph.D in Computer Science, and my experience includes research at Bell Labs and IBM Yorktown).    (HQ)