Joint SOCoP-OOR Event - a Spatial Ontology Presentation - Tue 2012_06_19    (3BTF)

Presenter: TorstenHahmann    (3BTG)

Title: A Reconciliation of Ontologies of Abstract Space: From Mereotopologies to Geometries    (3BTH)

Session Co-chairs: Gary Berg-Cross (SOCoP) & MichaelGruninger (U of Toronto)    (3BTY)

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Title: "A Reconciliation of Ontologies of Abstract Space: From Mereotopologies to Geometries"    (3BVA)

Abstract: This work focuses on bridging the gap between very weak ontologies of abstract space (in particular those relying only on topological and mereological relations) and more traditional geometries.    (3BVB)

As basis we developed a general mereotopology based on spatial containment and relative dimension that is dimension-independent, i.e., in which points, curves, areas, etc. can coexist. By successively adding additional primitive relations (boundary containment, betweenness, and convex hulls) and ontological assumptions we construct a hierarchies of spatial ontologies. We locate existing spatial ontologies ranging from mereotopologies to various geometries in these hierarchies, thereby establishing the relationships amongst them. As more and more ontologies of abstract space are included, we refine our understanding of their shared and differing ontological assumptions as well as their necessary primitive relations. All theories are axiomatized in Common Logic, formally verified with the help of automated tools, and will be made available as part of COLORE. The hierarchies can be used as basis for the integration of diverse spatial ontologies from geography, engineering, architecture, and other fields.    (3BVC)

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Presentation: "A Reconciliation of Ontologies of Abstract Space: From Mereotopologies to Geometries"    (3BVE)

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	[08:21] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3CG3)
	 = Joint SOCoP-OOR Event - a Spatial Ontology Presentation - Tue 2012_06_19  =    (3CG4)
	Topic: A Reconciliation of Ontologies of Abstract Space: From Mereotopologies to Geometries    (3CG5)
	Presented by: TorstenHahmann    (3CG6)
	Session Co-chairs: Dr. GaryBergCross (SOCoP) & Professor MichaelGruninger (U of Toronto)    (3CG7)
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	[08:22] BartGajderowicz: Hello Torsten and Ken    (3CGF)
	[08:35] PeterYim: -- session started: 8:35am PDT --    (3CGG)
	[08:35] PeterYim: == co-chairs introducing session    (3CGH)
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	[08:40] PeterYim: == TorstenHahmann presenting his talk ...    (3CGK)
	[08:57] MichaelGruninger: hi Torsten -- we cannot hear you    (3CGL)
	[08:57] TorstenHahmann: I can still hear you    (3CGM)
	[08:57] TorstenHahmann: trying to figure it out    (3CGN)
	[09:13] TerryLongstreth: Torsten's phone reminds me of my cubscout crystal radio    (3CGO)
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	[09:01] NancyWiegand: (ref. slide 12) What's a hierarchy, in this sense?    (3CGQ)
	[09:04] GaryBergCross: Nancy, he shows some hierarchies on later slide like slide 22..    (3CGR)
	[09:05] MichaelGruninger: @Nancy -- yes, this is not a class hierarchy, but rather a partially 
                ordered set of ontologies with the same set of primitive concepts and relations    (3CGS)
	[09:39] GaryBergCross: Nancy's earlier question on hierarchy might be clarified. You form 
                hierarchy by added restricting axioms and/or primitives.    (3CGT)
	[09:41] MichaelGruninger: Hierarchies arise from adding different sets of axioms to theories. 
                All theories in the same hierarchy have the same set of primitives.    (3CGU)
	[09:09] ToddSchneider: Michael, could you post the URL that Torsten just mentioned? 
                I'd very much like to see the definition of 'relative dimension'.    (3CGV)
	[09:14] MichaelGruninger:    (3CGW)
	[09:14] ToddSchneider: Michael, Thank you.    (3CGX)
	[09:19] ToddSchneider: Is there any representation of joining one or more spaces to form 
                something of larger dimension?    (3CGY)
	[09:29] ToddSchneider: Thank you Torsten. Have to go.    (3CGZ)
	[09:34] DeborahMacPherson: Thanks for the presentation - need to go to a meeting. 
                Downloaded the slides to continue mulling over. Thanks    (3CH0)
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	[09:46] PeterYim: == now in the Q&A segment of the session    (3CH2)
	[09:49] PeterYim: link to COLORE (COmmon Logic Ontology Repository) -    (3CH3)
	[09:53] PeterYim: great session!    (3CH4)
	[09:53] PeterYim: -- session ended: 9:52am PDT --    (3CH5)
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