Mike Bergman    (11PG)

Michael K. Bergman
CEO Zitgist LLC
Iowa City, Iowa, USA.    (11PH)

Mike Bergman is the CEO of Structured Dynamics LLC, a provider of quality linked data products and services based on the semantic Web. Prior to that, Mike was the CEO of Zitgist and before that an independent consultant and Web scientist, and the co-founder, chief technology officer, and chairman of BrightPlanet Corporation, where he coined the term "deep Web" and wrote the definitive white paper in 2000. Earlier in his software career, Mike founded VisualMetrics, a structured data warehousing company. He has devoted his professional career to information theory and management since the mid 1970s. He is currently writing much on the structured Web via his blog at http://www.mkbergman.com and is an editor of the UMBEL subject reference SKOS ontology.    (11PI)

His brief bio is at http://www.mkbergman.com/?page_id=4, with links from that page to detailed bio and publications.    (11PJ)