Joint Ontolog-OOR Panel Discussion Session - Thu 15-Oct-2009    (20ZF)

Title: OOR Sandbox and OOR Requirements - Comparative Analysis    (20ZG)

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Title: OOR Sandbox and OOR Requirements - Comparative Analysis - by ToddSchneider - [ slides ]    (22AK)

With the benefit of the NCBO BioPortal as a sandbox for OOR testing and experimentation, an analysis comparing the sandbox against the OOR requirements is needed. This comparison should provide a) future directions for BioPortal, and b) facilitate the understanding of the OOR architecture and its development priorities.    (22AL)

Here are the abstracts of the briefings from our other panelists who will be seeding our discussion:    (22BT)

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1. Opening by session Chair (ToddSchneider)    (22B1)

2. Briefings from the Panel -- ToddSchneider, NatashaNoy / MichaelDorf, KenBaclawski, ElisaKendall & MikeDean    (22B2)

3. Q & A and Open Discussion (All) -- please refer to process above    (22B3)

4. Summary and wrap-up (ToddSchneider)    (22B4)

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 PeterYim: Welcome to the Joint Ontolog-OOR Panel Discussion Session - Thu 15-Oct-2009    (22B9)
 Title: OOR Sandbox and OOR Requirements - Comparative Analysis    (22WR)
 Panelists:    (22WS)
 * Chair: Dr. ToddSchneider (Raytheon) - "OOR-BioPortal Comparative Analysis"         
 * Dr. NatashaNoy & Mr. MichaelDorf (NCBO-Stanford) - "BioPortal as (the only functional) OOR SandBox (so far)"         
 * Professor KenBaclawski (Northeastern) - "OOR in the Classroom: An Experience Report"         
 * Ms. ElisaKendall (Sandpiper Software) - "Requirements and Initial Steps Towards An OOR for Standards Management"         
 * Mr. MikeDean (BBN) - "OOR: Vision vs. Current State"    (22WT)
 Please refer to details on the session page at:     (22WU)
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 NatashaNoy: To Todd: you mentioned the work of TopQuadrant as the best         
 example of being ontologically driven. Which work are you referring to?    (22X3)
 PeterYim: @Todd: slide#14 ... I suggest we should weight the pros and         
 cons of providing "editing/creation" support from OOR (as other         
 dedicated editing platforms would probably do a better job)    (22X4)
 PeterYim: @Todd: slide#17 - why "thick client"?    (22X5)
 MichaelGruninger: Todd: Can you elaborate what you meant by         
 modularization?    (22X6)
 PeterYim: @Todd - slide#21 - good stuff!    (22X7)
 HaroldSolbrig: WSDL and REST don't work that well together. What is the         
 current state of the WADL spec?    (22X8)
 CarlosRueda (MBARI): @Ken = slide 5: good point. An strategy we have         
 integrated into our deployment of BioPortal is to use the URIs of the         
 ontologies and their concepts as the main identifiers. In other words,         
 at least in our case, this has been motivated by our requirement to make         
 URIs first-class citizens in our ontology registry.    (22X9)
 MichaelGruninger: @Ken: By transformations do you mean mappings between         
 an ontology that is represented in multiple languages (e.g. OWL-Time vs         
 CL-Time) or is it between two ontologies that are logically equivalent?    (22XA)
 KenBaclawski: @Carlos - Great! Please send me the details.    (22XB)
 KenBaclawski: @Michael - I was mainly thinking of transformations         
 between representations in different languages. Not just ontologies BTW         
 since the OOR has more in it than just ontologies. Transformations         
 between ontologies that are logically equivalent is also interesting,         
 but I was not dealing with that since it is not as relevant for the OOR         
 at least in the near to mid-term.    (22XC)
 CarlosRueda (MBARI): @Ken: unfortunately, this is in need of good         
 documentation :/ .. in the meantime, I'll be happy to talk about it if         
 you wish. A quick note, however: we haven't done any modifications to         
 the BioPortal back-end; rather this is handled by a new interface layer         
 we have developed.    (22XD)
 KenBaclawski: @Harold - The latest version of WSDL, version 2.0, can         
 specify RESTful services, so it isn't so clear that WADL is very useful         
 anymore.    (22XE)
 HaroldSolbrig: @Ken - tried to use it briefly, but ran into problems.         
 Will give it another look if you think that it really subsumes WADL         
 functionality...    (22XF)
 MichaelGruninger: @Ken: What else does OOR contain besides ontologies         
 that you would want to transform?    (22XH)
 ToddSchneider: To All: I'll have to get back on any questions asked of me.    (22XN)
 MichaelGruninger: @Todd: Can you give more detailed examples of rules         
 and policies in OOR?    (22XO)
 TerryLongstreth: @Todd: ..can you expand on the issue of real time?    (22XP)
 KenBaclawski: @Michael - There are many examples, such as rules,         
 policies, and configurations.    (22XQ)
 PeterYim: @Todd: I don't believe I can get my vice through ... but I         
 had two questions (see above) ... one on doing editing in the context of         
 OOR (rather than doing that elsewhere) and the other on your choice of         
 thick client ... can you discuss that, please?    (22XR)
 PeterYim: yes ... thanks (although I would still hope we focus first on         
 the thin client)    (22XS)
 PeterYim: thank you, Todd, thanks everyone ... great session!    (22XT)
 PeterYim: session adjourned 12:48 pm PDT    (22BA)

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