Ontolog Panel Discussion: Progress Review on the OntologyBasedStandards sample projects identified at OntologySummit2009 - Thu 8-Oct-2009    (211B)

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Topic: Progress Review on the OntologyBasedStandards sample projects identified at OntologySummit2009 - [ opening slides ]    (21YE)

by: SteveRay    (21YF)

The OntologySummit2009_Communique adopted on 7-Apr-2009 identified nine (9) sample projects that promise to demonstrate the advantages gained by incorporating ontology approaches when developing and applying a standard. We had a "Follow-up & Action Planning" event at our ConferenceCall_2009_05_14 and subsequent deployment of the OntologyBasedStandards wiki homepage and the [ontology-based-standards] discussion listserv. Much has gone on within each of the workgroups moving their sample projects along. It is time now for us to hear from some of the project champions, what has transpired in the last six months or so.    (21YH)

Here are abstracts of the briefings from our panelists:    (21YI)

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1. Opening by session Chair -- SteveRay    (21Z4)

2. Briefings from Panelists -- MatthewWest, BrandNiemann, DavidConnelly, MikeBennett, DavidCoggeshall-MichelleRaymond, JoshuaLieberman, EdBarkmeyer    (21Z5)

3. Q & A and Open Discussion (All) -- please refer to process above    (21Z6)

4. Summary and Conclusion -- SteveRay    (21Z7)

Proceedings    (21Z8)

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IM Chat Transcript captured during the session: ... (lightly edited for clarity)    (21ZA)

  PeterYim: Welcome to the Ontolog Panel Discussion:              
            Progress Review on the OntologyBasedStandards sample projects identified at OntologySummit2009                 
            - Thu 8-Oct-2009    (222H)
  * Session Chair: Dr. StevenRay (CMU)    (22XU)
  * Panelists:                 
    o Dr. MatthewWest (Information Junction) -- "From Camelot to Avalon - the knights of ISO 15926 make progress"                 
    o Mr. DavidConnelly (OAGi) -- "OAGi Update on Core Components Implementation"                 
    o Mr. MikeBennett (Hypercube) -- "Semantics in the Financial Industry: The EDM Council Semantics Repository Progress Report"                 
    o Dr. BrandNiemann (EPA) -- "Ontologies for Data Standards in Support of e-Gov Applications (e.g. Data.gov)"                 
    o Mr. DavidCoggeshall (SFC) & Ms. MichelleRaymond (KIC) -- "Ontology Across Building, Emergency, and Energy Standards                 
                                                               - with Open Floor Plan Display and Open Floor Plan Exchange"                 
    o Dr. JoshuaLieberman (OGC) -- "Annotations and Overlays - Steps Closer to a Geospatial Semantic Web"                 
    o Mr. EdwardBarkmeyer (NIST) -- "A standard ontology for Units of Measure -- Status: 8 Oct 2009"    (22XV)
  PeterYim: please refer to details and slides at:                 
  http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2009_10_08    (22XW)
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  JoelBender: Ah! You don't get an error when you join room 90091008, it                 
  just happens to be really empty    (22Y1)
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  JoshLieberman: is there an issue with voip phones and the conference line?    (22Y4)
  MikeBennett: There is an issue whereby Skype no longer supports the US                 
  number, apparently. I had to use the UK no at ten times the price!!    (22Y5)
  PeterYim: @Josh ... no VoIP phones should work    (22Y6)
  JoshLieberman: My speakeasy line now works. Go figure.    (22Y7)
  SteveRay: @Matthew: Your slide #2 begs the question of whether 15926                 
  made the May 29th deadline?    (22Y8)
  SteveRay: @Matthew: OK, I guess you answered the question, that it was                 
  completed.    (22Y9)
  anonymous1 morphed into RaviSharma    (22YA)
  SteveRay: @Brand: Is your Open Linked Data different from the Linked                 
  Open Data work?    (22YB)
  RaviSharma: Brand, do we similarly link to ontic foundations of DODAF                 
  2.0 as we do to segment architecture?    (22YC)
  PeterYim: may I suggest that those who ask questions, to also enter the                 
  response into this chat-board in case the responder cannot type it in                 
  himself or herself (as in the case of Brand)    (22YD)
  RaviSharma: global architecture information network    (22YE)
  SteveRay: Open Linked Data = Linked Open Data. Same thing    (22YF)
  PeterYim: will the "anonymous" participant please morph into your                 
  WikiWord name so we can know who you are ... use "settings" button near                 
  top center    (22YG)
  RaviSharma: David, is this what used to be called BOD's? xml documents                 
  for each industry vertical?    (22YH)
  SteveRay: @David: In your cross industry focus, are you considering                 
  including the emerging Smart Electrical Grid?    (22YI)
  SteveRay: David is taking the Smart Grid as an action item to go back to                 
  the architecture council at OAGi.    (22YJ)
  RaviSharma: Mike, is there a Controlled Vocabulary that ties these                 
  terms to financial industry meaning in terms of groups of data and types                 
  of data required to execute transactions or reports? I am happy that we                 
  are able to address financial concepts such as derivatives?    (22YK)
  MikeBennett: Sorry it took so long - hard to explain where we are                 
  without revisiting the concepts.    (22YL)
  RexBrooks: Steve asked earlier if we have any other projects which use                 
  ontologies in IT Standards specification, and there is an effort in                 
  OASIS which is developing a Reference Information Model (RIM) for the                 
  Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) family of specifications.    (22YM)
  RexBrooks: This EDXL-RIM specification provides more abstract guidelines                 
  for the concrete specifications in the family, such as Resource                 
  Messaging (EDXL-RM), Hospital AVailability Exchange (EDXL-HAVE), the                 
  Distribution Element (EDXL-DE) and the newest member of the family,                 
  Situation Reporting (EDXL-SR) which is under development now.    (22YN)
  RexBrooks: There will be specifications for several of the components in                 
  the EDXL set of standards which are used throughout the family. The                 
  first of these component specifications is for the ValueListURN                 
  component, and it will have an RDF Schema as well as an XML Schema, and                 
  it will also have an OWL Ontology representation.    (22YO)
  MikeBennett: @Ravi: The primary brief was to provide a means to capture                 
  business vocabulary. Having opted to use ODM we have model as well as                 
  vocabulary, so agreed industry definitions are attached to meaningful                 
  concepts not data elements. We plan to work with ISO 20022 (                 
  www.iso20022.org ) to link to message generation.    (22YP)
  JimRhyne: I just got dropped from the conference bridge and there is no                 
  answer when I try to redial the main number. Anyone else have this                 
  problem?    (22YQ)
  SteveRay: Not me. Could you try again?    (22YR)
  JimRhyne: Back now.    (22YS)
  RaviSharma: Josh, the temporal, and geospatial has to be tied to some                 
  property of interest such as spectral signature, confidence level of                 
  feature classification, etc. do you see any progress in that direction?    (22YT)
  RaviSharma: Josh, how about similar discovery service - combining                 
  feature and phenomena related web WOS WRS etc.services using ontology?    (22YU)
  JoshLieberman: In a way, the topic of feature discernment criteria is                 
  being approached sideways, by looking more explicitly at the process of                 
  observation - distinguishing sensor models, measurement of properties,                 
  derivation of phenomena, interpretation of features-of-interest, etc.    (22YV)
  JoshLieberman: Must depart, unfortunately. Hope to continue discussions                 
  on the mailing list.    (22YW)
  PeterYim: @EdBarkmeyer and All: the Oct-30 workshop mentioned by Ed for                 
  the UoM_Ontology_Standard team is actually going to be at NSF                 
  (Arlington, VA, USA) ... (not Chantilly, VA where ISWC is going to be                 
  held, right before that workshop)    (22YX)
  RaviSharma: Ravi says thanks to Ed for complex integration and                 
  presentation with speed of light.    (22YY)
  PeterYim: @DavidConnelly: the Ontolog community has a long history of                 
  trying to influence UN/CEFACT into getting ebXML/CCTS into an                 
  ontology-based standard ... we hope you can help us move that agenda                 
  forward now that you are working closely with them    (22YZ)
  MikeBennett: sorry, had to drop off - my Skype would not auto-recharge                 
  twice on one call. If there are any questions for me, please type them                 
  here.    (22Z0)
  EdBarkmeyer: Sidebar: scope of the units ontology *may* include                 
  measurement concepts and/or specification concepts, but that may make                 
  the ontology much more complex    (22Z1)
  RexBrooks: I'd be happy to give an update, Steve.    (22Z2)
  PeterYim: @Steve: when do we meet again (to get project updates)?    (22Z3)
  Joel Bender: Thank you!    (22Z4)
  DougHolmes: Well, I'm impressed. Excellent    (22Z5)
  PeterYim: thank you ALL ... great session! ... bye!    (22Z6)
 -- end of chat-transcript --    (21ZB)

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