EIDX "Semantic Harmonization" Panel Session - Wed 2004-12-01 2~5 pm California Time    (49S)

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Semantic Harmonization    (4A6)

The EIDX UDEF and XRef initiatives have as their goal the establishment of semantic equivalences between different B2B messaging standards, both EDI-based and XML-based. This half-day technical session focuses on three leading methodologies currently in use for formalizing semantic equivalence: UDEF, UN/CEFACT Core Components (CCTS), and Ontologies. Expert speakers will introduce each methodology and then finish with a panel discussion to allow attendees to compare these approaches.    (4A7)

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 (Thanks to SusanTurnbull & AlanStitzer for their help with getting the session recorded.  -ppy)    (4AO)

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