Ontolog invited Speaker Presentation - Dr. Timothy Redmond - Thu 2006-06-29    (NW2)

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http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/resource/presentation/TimRedmond_20060629/TimRedmond_20060629.png [picture of Dr. Timothy Redmond]    (NWS)

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Protégé is a very popular ontology editor. In addition to its capabilities as a simple application for viewing and editing ontologies, it also boasts a highly flexible plugin architecture and a rich knowledge base application interface. In this talk we will describe approaches for developing graphical plugins embedded in the Protégé graphical interface and to develop standalone applications based on the Protégé knowledge base application interface.    (NWU)

Dr. Timothy Redmond is a recent addition to Stanford Medical Informatics' Protégé project team who is taking over the responsibilities of the chief Protégé architect. He received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Barbara (1980) and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton University (1984). Since that time, Dr. Redmond has worked in the area of formal methods and their application to verifying the correctness and security of computer systems. He has extensive experience with formal methods including experience using systems such as HOL, InaJo and SDVS.    (NX2)

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 (Thanks to BobSmith and PeterYim for their help with getting the session recorded.  =ppy)    (NXD)