Toby Considine    (1BEV)

Toby Considine 
Systems Specialist
University of Northern Carolina, Chapel Hill

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Five years ago, I brought the oBIX standard effort, defining web services for interacting with building systems, to OASIS, because I wanted building systems able to respond to and interact with the enterprise, and I felt that developing oBIX alongside enterprise protocols would encourage this. My recent work with the efforts to define the smart grid have convinced me that each of these systems needs an e-commerce interface, replacing the deep interactions used by integrators today. Such interfaces are necessary to scale out the approaches of high-performance systems to the immense diversity of today¬ís installed base of buildings and equipment.    (1N2W)

Today I continue to work to align these two worlds, engineered systems and e-commerce, through my work as Co-Chair of the OASIS Technical Advisory Board.    (1N2X)

The missing piece is how to represent the services provided by building systems in terms that relate to the business of the owner. Transparent access to sensors and run times will never improve the leasing and retention for the real estate owner.    (1N2Y)

If we can define the semantics of the building services, we create a two-sided interaction. Real estate owners will have a common language to describe building performance and tenant value. From these semantics, each business can define their own ontology of business value. Tenants will have a common way to describe and compare services they receive from the building, enabling them to make choices based upon their own values.    (1N2Z)

Today, negotiations between the power grid and smart buildings can only be at the least effective, most rudimentary level. There are no responses that the owner/operator can make that are meaningful in terms of his business. In the future, with electric cars and site- based energy generation, storage, and conversion, this conversation will become even more important. We must have a common semantics to discuss this.    (1N30)

I have spent years attempting to integrate the unintegratable. I am a brain biologist by training, which affects how I look at problems. I am trying to find out:    (1BEZ)

I am particularly interested in Building Systems, Energy Markets, Agents, Security as Situation Awareness; and would like to see a discussion on IDMs as a tool for discovering ontologies.    (1BF3)