The "Ontology Measurement and Evaluation" mini-series    (QTN)

. . . a NIST-Ontolog-NCOR joint initiative    (PSV)

Background    (UAU)

This is a mini-series of talks and discussions that revolve around the topic: "Ontology Measurement and Evaluation" during which this community will explore the landscape, issues and solutions relating to the measurement, evaluation, quality and testing of ontologies.    (UAW)

The series is a Joint NIST-Ontolog-NCOR initiative. A planning meeting for this mini-series took place on 22-Aug-2006, during which the scope and plans for the program was discussed among members of the community. Dr. Steven Ray, who is the Chief of NIST's Manufacturing Systems Integration Division (MSID), a long time member of the Ontolog community, as well as the convener of NCOR's Ontology Evaluation Committee, was invited to champion the program. This series is expected to last about 6 months during which invited speaker and technical discussion events will be featured (at the rate of about one event per month).    (UAV)

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