Ontolog Mini-Series on "Database And Ontology" (Session-3) - Thu 04-Jan-2007    (S0Q)

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This is the 3rd event of the "Database and Ontology" min-series of talks and discussions, during which this community will be exploring the landscape, issues and interactions between databases and ontologies.    (S1O)

This is a community-driven set of activities, and is probably long overdue. On 15-Aug-2006, TatianaMalyuta (who just joined the community after participating at our 23-Jul-2006 face-to-face workshop at Stanford, brought up her request for the Ontolog to delve into the subject of "Database and Ontologiy." An almost unprecedented flurry of online responses were received from the community. It was decided that we could systematically pursue the subject by mounting a min-series on the matter at hand.    (S1P)

A planning meeting for this mini-series took place on 31-Aug-2006. MatthewWest was invited to champion the effort, and a "Program & Technical Advisory Team" was formed, comprising MatthewWest (Lead), AdrianWalker, AtillaElci, ChrisPartridge, LeoObrst, PeterYim, SusieStephens & TatianaMalyuta.    (S1Q)

See also: DatabaseAndOntology (the 'project' homepage for this mini-series)    (S1R)

The community is requested to contribute their thoughts by posting to [ontolog-forum] or to the DatabaseAndOntology wiki page (and/or its subpages). We hope to accumulate and synthesize the knowledge gathered and compile it into a written deliverable (a paper or even a handbook) that we could publish this collaboratively authored work to other relevant media and channels (like relevant conferences or the wikipedia.)    (S1S)

Agenda & Proceedings: "Ontology Measurement and Evaluation" - Mini-series Session-2    (S1T)

Ms. Elisa Kendall, CEO and Founder of Sandpiper Software, presents: "The Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM): Motivation & Brief Introduction"    (S1U)

Topic: "The Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM): Motivation & Brief Introduction" by Ms. Elisa Kendall    (S22)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/resource/presentation/ElisaKendall_20050908/ElisaKendall_20050908.jpg [Ms. Elisa F. Kendall]    (S23)

The Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) is recently adopted standard from the Object Management Group that supports ontology development and conceptual modeling in several standard representation languages. It provides a coherent framework for visual ontology creation based on OMG’s Meta Object Facility (MOF™) and UML™ (Unified Modeling Language), bridging Model Driven Architecture (MDA®)-based standards for automating the physical management and integration of metadata with Semantic Web technologies.    (S25)

Ms. Elisa Kendall is the CEO of Sandpiper Software, which she founded in 1995. She has over 25 years professional experience in the design, development and deployment of enterprise-scale information management systems for communications, high technology, and manufacturing applications, with a focus on information interoperability. Over the last five years she has been instrumental in bridging emerging technologies from professional software engineering disciplines, such as the Object Management Group (OMG)’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA®) methodology, which provides a basis for automating metadata management, and knowledge representation and reasoning (Semantic Web) technologies. She is principal architect of Sandpiper's UML-based knowledge representation, ontology analysis, and reasoning architecture, and has developed rigorous methodologies for domain assessment and ontology design and development. Her formal training in Situation Semantics coupled with extensive systems integration experience led to Sandpiper’s innovative approach.    (S2C)

Ms. Kendall currently supports a number of key customers in large scale, complex taxonomy, ontology and knowledge-based systems development activities, leads the ontology and policy-based network management segment of SPARTA’s DARPA/SAPIENT effort, and is a key contributor to standards such as the OMG’s Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM). She is an active participant in the Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment activity at the W3C, with a focus on software and ontology engineering. Recent customer projects include supporting development of ontologies for a large-scale chemical engineering application, development of ontologies for monitoring and management of software in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) framework, and policy-based information integration architecture development for a financial services company.    (S2D)

While acting as an independent consultant for Lockheed Martin in early 1996, she conceived the notion of applying knowledge sharing technologies to complex engineering data integration and drove the reuse strategy for the DARPA/TRI-Services RASSP program. Before founding Sandpiper, Ms. Kendall served as product development manager for Aspect Development, a provider of component and supplier management systems acquired by i2 Technologies. She started her career in development, integration, and deployment of ground-based communications, signal, and data processing systems at Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space. She holds an MA in Linguistics from Stanford University and a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of California at Los Angeles.    (S2E)

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