UpperOntologySummit Meeting - Wed Mar. 15, 2006 1~5pm EST    (L67)

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Context and motivation for this meeting    (L6U)

There are a number of extensive upper ontologies in existence today, including SUMO, OpenCyc Upper Ontology, DOLCE, and many others emerging from the OWL community and application areas such as biomedical research. The goal of this summit is to get the "custodians" of the leading existing upper ontologies to commit to a means by which knowledge can be shared among these upper ontologies, and hence among other systems and ontologies built upon these foundations. In this manner, uncertainty in the marketplace can be reduced, spurring more rapid adoption and growth of semantic technology in tomorrow's enterprises.    (L6V)

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Session Recording of the Upper Ontology Summit Meeting    (LXO)

 (Thanks to NIST for producing and making the following audio archives available.)    (LXP)