Eric S. Chan    (2F3C)

Object Model Architect,
Redwoood Shores, California

email:    (2F3D)

Eric S. Chan is Object Model Architect for Knowledge Intensive Database Systems and Collaboration Technologies. He is co-Chair of the OASIS Integrated Collaboration Object Model for Interoperable Collaboration Services (ICOM) TC ( He started the project ( to incubate a Java Persistence API (JPA) framework for noSQL data sources. The open-icom project includes a reference implementation of OASIS ICOM specifications.    (2F3E)

Eric has over 25 years of software development experience of which over 15 years are with Oracle Corporation. He co-authored with Murat Tanik the book entitled Fundamentals of Computing for Software Engineers on the application of formal logic, model theory, and semantics in systems specification. His interests include knowledge intensive database systems, BIG data, semantic web, collaboration and social networking, content management, identity management, security, and distributed systems.    (2F3F)

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