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A Joint Initiative of OASIS, OMG, various ISO working groups, IAOA, OOR and ONTOLOG.    (3GB2)

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This is a joint initiative by OASIS, OMG, various ISO working groups, IAOA, OOR and ONTOLOG that is spun off from OntologySummit2009.    (3GJF)

This joint initiative is a collaborative effort by the co-organizers to drive the Ontology-based Standards agenda among the Standards Development community, the Ontology community and the Systems community. Moving "Toward Ontology-based Standards" was adopted as the theme for the OntologySummit in 2009. Some of the projects started back then, plus others that have emerged since, have produced encouraging results. We believe that sharing the experiences gained from some of those projects with the aforementioned communities will go a long way towards helping move the Ontology-based Standards agenda forward and grounding the arguments for the adoption of the "Ontology-based Standards" approach.    (3GJG)

With the above in mind, we are producing a mini-series of virtual panel sessions. The first two session will be showcasing efforts from the OASIS ICOM TC (on 25-Oct-2012) and those from OMG (on 8-Nov-2012.) In these two sessions, we are planning to showcase exemplary work where standards have been represented both in a natural language (English, in our cases) as well as in formal ontology language(s). Through the sharing of their experiences, their approaches and processes, we shall discuss potential benefits, issues, challenges and other learnings from those projects.    (3GJH)

... see also, the OntologySummit2009_Communique.    (3GJI)

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Developing from the 2013.09.12 community planning exercise: Sessions 4, 5 6 & 7 for the OntologyBasedStandards initiative will come out of those discussed on 2013.07.18, namely    (3YS6)

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