Bob Smith    (409A)

... We just received news that BobSmith has passed away on Nov. 1, 2013. Bob was a longstanding member and valued contributor to the Ontolog community, and we will miss him. -PeterYim & LeoObrst / 2013.11.02    (4099)

Bob is Professor Emeritus, California State University, and currently involved with evaluating semantic web services for business clients in the US and Hong Kong. These clients are not interested in technical research interests, but are interested in understanding how to make "practical" changes in current strategy and business processes.    (J6)

My primary interest, then, is the evolving roles of ontology research and ontology tool builders as they address economic and organizational challenges.    (J7)

The current health care information technology landscape and evolving health standards is especially exciting as a domain in search of serious solutions to interoperability problems. Specifically, the NHIN Project of Dr. Brailer and the 4 current RFP's stemming from that RFI deserve Ontolog's attention: See    (D13)

My 35 years of University teaching and research was concentrated in Operations Management-Logistics, MIS-Expert Systems, Health Care-HazMat Rapid Response Management, and Enterprise Strategy.    (J9)

The books on my desk with the largest number of Post-it Notes are currently:    (JA)

My recent hands-on experience with Ontology tools is limited largely to Semtalk and Protege 2000 2.x Earlier experience with primitive DOS based FoL included 7 years of design and construction of a Hazardous Chemical categorization tool for emergency first responders.    (JL)

The Doctorate, given in 1977, is from University of California, Irvine    (JM)