Collaboration Tools Employed by this Community    (AUV)

Asynchronous (Different Time) Collaboration Tools    (AUY)

Synchronous (Same Time) Collaboration Tools    (AV7)

File Sharing Workspace / Document Repository    (AVL)

  Browser Access URL                           WebDAV Location                           Password Access by     Typical (Recommended) Use    (AVV)            *               E, A    (AVW)   *                M, A     Workspace; project work; meeting records; repository of the community's work documents
                                                                                                         generally for content that this community has IPR on
                                                                                                         (e.g. community contributions, project work by the community, or one of its workgroups, etc.)
 . *            M, A     Library; sharing of external content collected; repository of other resources
                                                                                                         generally for content that this community does not have IPR on, but is allowed to openly re-publish
                                                                                                         (e.g. public domain content, open standards documents, etc.)    (AVX)* *      M, A     the workspace is password protected (rudimentary, and role-based though)
                                                                                                         generally for content that the community does not want to be crawled by search engines
                                                                                                         (e.g. members contact lists, meeting records where some privacy on the discussion is desired, etc.)
 .* *  A    (AVY)               everyone   File-sharing workspace with people outside the community akin to 'anonymous ftp' workspace    (AVZ)
   * = password authentication required;
        M = ontolog-member (pw : see below)
        E = ontolog-editor (e-mail Peter Yim for password)
        A = ontolog-admin  (e-mail Peter Yim for password)    (AW0)

Access and Authentication    (AW3)

          User Name = "ontolog-member"   (without the " ")
          Password  = "ontology"         (without the " ")    (AW5)
          View-only password  = "ontolog"   (without the " ")
          View-and-control pw = "ontology"  (without the " ")    (AW7)

Reference    (AW8)