Joint IAOA-OOR-Ontolog "Ontologies and Standards" mini-series: session-1 - Tue 2011_10_20    (2XGF)

Topic: Introducing the ISO NP 17347 "Ontology Integration and Interoperability (OntoIOp)" Standardization Effort    (2XGG)

Co-chairs: Professor JohnBateman (Bremen University) & Professor MichaelGruninger (University of Toronto)    (2XY8)

Abstract:    (2XY3)

This is the kick-off session of the Joint IAOA-OOR-Ontolog "Ontologies and Standards" mini-series, co-championed by Professor MichaelGruninger (University of Toronto) and Professor JohnBateman (Bremen University), who among their other roles, co-chair the Standardization Coordination Committee of IAOA.    (2Y9M)

OntoIOp (ISO NP 17347) is a new standards development project that is designed to achieve ontology integration and interoperability. It proposes the Distributed Ontology Language (DOL) for distributed knowledge representation across multiple ontologies, particularly ontologies that have been formalized in different ontology languages. In particular, it supports heterogeneous ontologies that combine parts written in different languages; links between distributed and heterogeneous ontologies and ontology modules; annotation and documentation of ontologies, links between ontologies, entities, and axioms; and translations between different ontology languages. This standard is being developed by ISO/TC37/SC3/WG3.    (2XY4)

An overview and the roadmap for the OntoIOp project will be presented. This session will provide an opportunity for work group members and the community to discuss OntoIOp's relationships to other related standards, as well as to other ontology languages and initiatives.    (2XY5)

Agenda & Proceedings    (2XY6)

Session Topic: Introducing the ISO NP 17347 "OntoIOp"    (2XY7)

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    -- begin of chat session --    (2Y8Z)
	[09:27] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (2YA1)
	 = Joint IAOA-OOR-Ontolog "Ontologies and Standards" mini-series: session-1 - Tue 2011_10_20 =    (2YA2)
	Topic: Introducing the ISO/WD 17347 "OntoIOp"    (2YA3)
	Co-chairs: Professor JohnBateman (Bremen University) & Professor MichaelGruninger (University of 
	Toronto)    (2YA4)
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	 == Proceedings: ==    (2YA7)
	anonymous morphed into ChristopherSpottiswoode    (2YA8)
	ChristophLange: hi, this is ChristophLange. OliverKutz and MichaelGruninger are with me; we will use 
	one phone together, but separate chats    (2YA9)
	anonymous morphed into TillMossakowski    (2YAA)
	ChristophLange: i'm back in the phone conf    (2YAB)
	PeterYim: Michael ... please speak up    (2YAC)
	ChristopherSpottiswoode: I'm here but can't hear anyone.    (2YAD)
	PeterYim: @ChristopherSpottiswoode - the session has just started, can you hear us yet?    (2YAE)
	anonymous morphed into TimBoland    (2YAF)
	anonymous morphed into FabianNeuhaus    (2YAG)
	ChristopherSpottiswoode: @PeterYim: I have just seen your question... Yes all's fine, thanks!    (2YAH)
	PeterYim: @ChristophLange - ref. your comment on access to working draft(s) ... please elaborate on 
	how that would work, for onotio-wg members, and the wider ontology community    (2YAI)
	PeterYim: @ChristophLange - don't worry about answering now, I am (and encouraged for others too) 
	just capturing question while you are presenting, so we can address them later, during the Q&A and 
	discussion segment    (2YAJ)
	PeterYim: [action] - to get process in place to allow more people to contribute and provide feedback 
	during the working draft phase    (2YAK)
	AliHashemi: question for later, re slide 7: where would SWRL (and the other rule formalisms) be 
	located on the graphic in slide 7?    (2YAL)
	AliHashemi: related to it, are there plans underway to include them as conforming logics    (2YAM)
	TillMossakowski: actually, we have not looked closer into rule formalism yet, but this is the next 
	thing we want to do    (2YAN)
	MichaelGruninger: @AliHashemi: SWRL with monotonic semantics is a subset of FOL. Technically, SWRL 
	is an extension of OWL (i.e. it specifies that SWRL atoms are equivalent to OWL classes and roles).    (2YAO)
	AliHashemi: (well same question for RIF which contains extra-logical bits)    (2YAP)
	MichaelGruninger: @AliHashemi: Can you give additional examples of "extra-logical bits"?    (2YAQ)
	AliHashemi: I should be clear by what I mean by "extra-logic" - take the URD dialect for example    (2YAR)
	AliHashemi: ( )    (2YAS)
	AliHashemi:    (2YAT)
	AliHashemi:    (2YAU)
	AliHashemi:    (2YAV)
	MatthewWest: I'm afraid I have to leave. interesting session.    (2YAW)
	PeterYim: thank you for coming, Matthew ... ttyl    (2YAX)
	MikeBennett: I have to go now - thanks for great presentations and I'll be following this work with 
	interest.    (2YAY)
	SteveRay: [regarding the ISO process -ed.] No comment at this point.    (2YAZ)
	ChristophLange: (for those on [ontoiop-wg]) link to Michael's examples:    (2YB0)
	ChristophLange: (for those on [ontoiop-wg]) link to the e-mail thread discussing these examples:    (2YB1)
	JoelBender: @SteveRay: are you involved in this effort?    (2YB2)
	JoelBender: I am involved in ASHRAE/NEMA SPC 201P, under the auspices of NIST, developing a model 
	for information transfer between facilities and a national smart grid. One of the stickier problems 
	is the mapping of "space", "time", "measure" - specifically the terminology as published by NOAA 
	(OpenGIS), WS-Calendar (OASIS), IEC 61850, and semantic sensor networks (W3C), and units of measure 
	(OASIS - eventually). Any help out of DOL would be appreciated!    (2YB3)
	SteveRay: My team has translated the entire ASHRAE SPC201P into OWL and is grinding through it, 
	looking for overlaps, duplications, inconsistencies.    (2YB4)
	SteveRay: @MichaelGruninger - Interested in who is leading the IDIOM project.    (2YB5)
	MichaelGruninger: @SteveRay - David Price, David Leal, and Allison Barnard Feeney are actually the 
	editors of the IDIOM document that I have.    (2YB6)
	SteveRay: @MichaelGruninger - Excellent! Thanks.    (2YB7)
	JoelBender: Here is another project, which is more taxonomy rather than ontology, - I don't think the information is available in a formal notation    (2YB8)
	ChristophLange: @JoelBender: Could you also provide some links to the space/time/measure 
	terminologies/ontologies?    (2YB9)
	TerryLongstreth: Is Sue Ellen's presentation on the wiki yet?    (2YBA)
	JohnBateman: @Terry: the slides are there ... 
        (marked "[1-Wright]" under:    (2YBB)
	MichaelGruninger: join us at the next session of this "Ontologies and Standards" mini-series - 
	developing details at:    (2YBC)
	PeterYim: Great session!    (2YBD)
	JoelBender: Thank you (good to "see" you again Peter)    (2YBE)
	PeterYim: @Joel - yes, glad you are here!    (2YBF)
	[11:12] PeterYim: - session ended: 11:11am PDT    (2YBG)
    -- end of chat session --    (2Y90)

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