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Martin Hepp
E-Business and Web Science Research Group
Bundeswehr University
Munich, Germany

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Martin Hepp is a professor of General Management and E-Business and chairs the E-Business and Web Science Research Group at Bundeswehr University in Munich, Germany.    (1LRN)

Prior to his current position, he was a professor of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck, an Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems at Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers (FL, USA), and a Visiting Scientist with the e-Business Solutions Group at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory. Martin holds a Master’s degree in Business Management and a Ph.D. in Business Information Systems from the University of Würzburg (Germany).    (1LRO)

His research focus is on using semantic technology for the coordination of economic activity, ontology engineering, and semantic business process management. As part of his work, he created eClassOWL and GoodRelations, a pair of industry-strength ontologies for describing offerings on the Web. Currently, he is working on combining human and machine intelligence for producing structured knowledge, in particular by community-driven ontology engineering.    (1LRP)

Also, he was involved in leading EU research projects that transfer Semantic Web results into core business domains, e.g. SUPER and MUSING. He co-organized numerous workshops and conference tracks and served on the program committees of more than sixty international conferences and workshops.    (1LRQ)

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Selected Projects    (1LRS)

1. eClassOWL: The first real ontology for products and services    (1LS9)    (1LRU)

2. GoodRelations: An ontology for linking product descriptions and business entities on the Web    (1LSA)    (1LRW)

3. myOntology: Open Ontology Environment for Semantic Web-based E-Commerce    (1LSB)    (1LRY)

4. Semantic Business Process Management Research    (1LSC)    (1LS1)

5. ontoNaviERP: Ontology-supported Navigation in ERP Software Documentation    (1LSD)    (1LS3)

6. OntoGame: Weaving the Semantic Web by Online Games    (1LSE)    (1LS5)

7. SKOS2GenTax: Online tool for deriving OWL ontologies from SKOS categorization schemas    (1LSF)    (1LS7)