Ontolog invited Speaker Presentation - Dr. Steve Ray / NIST - Thu 2004-02-12    (159)

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Peter, generally we at NIST work with others on a purely collaborative model, i.e. everyone supports themselves, but we work together. Occasionally we will help subsidize people to work with us (mostly students), but in the current budget climate that is rare for us. So, in this context, we can take on roles such as working the standards committees, or perform tests, develop test suites, in conjuction with partners who may be developing software, or who may be industrial users (manufacturers). Unlike most other government agencies, the NIST laboratories basically are appropriated (almost) enough funds to do work, but not funds to give out as grants, unlike places like NSF. One exception is the NIST Advanced Technology Program (ATP), which is a grant-awarding operation. --SteveRay    (16K)

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