Bernadette Hyland    (3BCG)

Bernadette Hyland brings over two decades of experience in commercial and federal government large data and metadata management strategies, and has led several high-growth software organizations. As CEO of 3 Round Stones (, she is committed to articulating the practical use of semantic technologies to make more informed decisions, especially for human health and the environment. She is a chapter author in two peer reviewed books focused on real world deployments of Linked Data, Linking Enterprise Data (D. Wood, ed, Springer, 2010) and Linking Government Data (D. Wood, ed, Springer, 2011).    (3BCE)

Bernadette is co-chair of the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group ( whose mission is to provide standards and best practices to help governments around the world publish their data as effective and usable Linked Data using Semantic Web technologies. Bernadette co-founded and served as CEO to several profitable early stage Internet companies delivering enterprise products. Each of these companies were pioneers in the development of Free / Libre / Open Source Software (FLOSS) projects, including the Mulgara Semantic Store, Persistent URLs (PURLs) (, Freemix and the Callimachus Project ( Her formal training is in Computational Linguistics. She holds a BA in Computer Science and Linguistics from UCLA. She is a avid Aikidoka (person who practices Aikido) and gardener.    (3BCF)