Ontolog Scheduled Discussion Session: Ontologies and Service Oriented Architecture - Thu 10-Aug-2006    (OPP)

Abstract / Goals of the Discussion session    (OSR)

To explore what role ontologies and taxonomies play within a service oriented architecture environment. Ontologies and taxonomies can be employed in service oriented environments in numerous ways, through ontologies of domains, for instance health informatics or plastics manufacturing, or taxonomies of services or service categories within domains, so we want to explore how ontologies and taxonomies can improve the availability and performance of services in these roles. 3 guest speakers will each bring a unique perspective on the topic and speak for 10 minutes followed by a quick Q & A. After the final session, a longer group Q & A and discussion will take place among all participants in the session.    (OSS)

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Background    (P0X)

Service Oriented Archecture (SOA) is already a buzzword. The subject has been covered a few times already, in previous Ontolog session, notably:    (P0Y)

To this end, DuaneNickull and RexBrooks has put together this session to further explore the subject with a few more invited experts and the community-at-large.    (P13)

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 (Thanks to KurtConrad and PeterYim for their help with getting the session recorded.  =ppy)    (P20)