Ontolog Technical Discussion: Ontology Application & Implementation (Take-II) - Thu 30-Nov-2006    (RH7)

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After a very successful first session we had last year, this is the second time we are doing a panel discussion on Ontology Applications and Implmentations. In his session, entitled "Ontology Applications & Implementations (Take-II)", we will, again, invites experts and all participants to join us in exchanging insights on implementation issues pertaining to ontologies and semantics.    (RIC)

See also: the original call for panelists submissions    (RID)

Agenda & Proceedings    (RIH)

The session is comprised of four small presentations (10 minutes each) discussing aspects of real world implementation of Ontological and Semantic applications. Each presenter will follow their talk with a strictly limited 5 minute minor Q&A. At the end of the fourth Q&A session, a larger general Q&A will take place and evolve into a free form conversation.    (RIF)

The gist is to learn what approaches are being used in the field to solve some of the ontology concerns in today's IT world. Presenters will generously share their experiences including issues they encountered and how they solved them. Talks will also be open to what might be in the future.    (RIG)

The main theme of the session is the lessons learned from implementing ontological theory or semantic capabilities. Accordingly, I would like to invite people who have a vested interested to pose questions based on the presentations.    (RIQ)

The level of details should be left open as I would like to encourage business people to ask questions as well as technical people.    (RIR)

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