OntologySummit2012: Session-07 - Thu 2012-02-23    (34V5)

Summit Theme: OntologySummit2012: "Ontology for Big Systems"    (34V6)

Track (Cross-Track-A1) Title: Ontology Quality and Large-Scale Systems    (34V7)

Session Topic: Implementing Ontology Quality Measures in Big Systems Engineering    (3541)

Session Co-chair: Dr. AmandaVizedom (Wind River) and Mr. MikeBennett (Hypercube, EDM Council) - intro slides    (3542)

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Implementing Ontology Quality Measures in Big Systems Engineering    (355R)

This is our 7th Ontology Summit, a joint initiative by NIST, Ontolog, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD with the support of our co-sponsors. The theme adopted for this Ontology Summit is: "Ontology for Big Systems." The event today is our 7th virtual session.    (355S)

The principal goal of the summit is to bring together and foster collaboration between the ontology community, systems community, and stakeholders of some of "big systems." Together, the summit participants will exchange ideas on how ontological analysis and ontology engineering might make a difference, when applied in these "big systems." We will aim towards producing a series of recommendations describing how ontologies can create an impact; as well as providing illustrations where these techniques have been, or could be, applied in domains such as bioinformatics, electronic health records, intelligence, the smart electrical grid, manufacturing and supply chains, earth and environmental, e-science, cyberphysical systems and e-government. As is traditional with the Ontology Summit series, the results will be captured in the form of a communiqué, with expanded supporting material provided on the web.    (355T)

This Track (X-Track-A1) is devoted to the "Ontology Quality and Large-Scale Systems" aspect across the other tracks, and will focus on the evaluation of ontologies within the context of Big Systems applications. Whether creating, developing, using, reusing, or searching for ontologies for use in big systems, engineers, architects, designers, developers and project owners will encounter questions about ontology evaluation and quality.    (355U)

As large-scale systems applications of ontologies have multiplied, systems engineers face continued challenges in ontology quality assurance ("QA"). Reliable methods and tools for all aspects of ontology QA are needed, including: specification of ontology requirements; evaluation of requirements satisfaction by new or existing ontologies; and management of ontology quality throughout systems life-cycles. Ontologists with application life-cycle experience have been paying increasing attention to these needs, but information about successful tools and methods is hard to come by. We will also discuss the importance of ontology requirements specification, considering the wide range of roles ontology can play in systems and systems engineering and the variety of ontological artifacts, sub-systems, and processes that may best meet those requirements. This Panel includes experts on varied areas of ontology quality assurance and management, and will discuss successful approaches, lessons learned, and challenges yet to be met.    (355V)

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