First [ontolog] Face-to-Face Meeting & Workshop    (A8V)

Description    (A8W)

This is the first face-to-face meeting and workshop of the [ontolog] community since its re-constitution in September 2002. We are pleased to be colocating our workshop with the face-to-face meeting of the OASIS UBL Technical Committee, and is grateful to Sun Microsystems for hosting us at their San Francisco (CA) office.    (A8X)

Dates / Location / Venue    (A8Y)

     Sun Microsystems (San Francisco drop-in Center)
     631 Howard Ave.
     San Francisco, California, USA.    (A91)

Who    (A93)

Workshop Program    (AA6)

 (posted 2003.10.14 -kwc)
 (last updated: ppy / 2003.11.06)    (AA7)

2003.11.04 (Tuesday)    (AA8)

2003.11.05 (Wednesday)    (AAB)

2003.11.06 (Thursday)    (AAN)

2003.11.07 (Friday)    (AAZ)

2003.11.08 (Saturday)    (AB8)

Logistics    (ABC)

 Please post your additions, thoughts, suggestions directly to the above. (kindly identify yourself for follow-up purposes)    (AC0)
 - init: PeterYim / 2003-08-28_1020 PDT
 - draft plan with UBL: KurtConrad / 2003-09-09
 - concretize draft plan: PeterYim / KurtConrad 2003-10-09
 - updated after the workshop: PeterYim / 2003-11-08    (AC1)