RulesReasoningLP: mini-series session-04 - Thu 2013-12-19    (3ZH3)

Program: Ontology, Rules, and Logic Programming for Reasoning and Applications (RulesReasoningLP) Mini-series of virtual panel sessions    (3ZH4)

Topic: Guide to Reasoning Applications Development and Cases    (3ZH5)

Session Co-chairs: Dr. HensonGraves (Algos Associates) & Professor KenBaclawski (Northeastern U) ... intro slides    (42YS)

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Guide to Reasoning Applications Development and Cases ... intro slides    (430R)

This is the 4th session of the RulesReasoningLP mini-series - a series of virtual panel sessions, and the associated online discourse, co-championed by some members of the Ontolog community who value the importance of the subject matter and would want to bring together those who are knowledgeable or interested into a dialog. The mini-series program will cover the topics that encapsulates the ontology-driven applications that will generally fall under "Ontology, Rules, and Logic Programming for Reasoning and Applications."    (430S)

The focus of this session is to identify where reasoning has been used successfully on mainstream applications. We hope to gain insight into the technical underpinnings of successful mainstream systems. For example, what kinds of language formalisms are being used, what kinds of ontologies, where did they come from, what languages are they expressed in, how are they maintained to be scalable. What technology scales for the volumes of data and the frequency of events in the operational systems, how do these systems interact with external information sources, how robust are they, how do they deal with conflicting data? Perhaps we can get more detail regarding what kind of reasoning is used, how probabilistic reasoning is integrated with other kinds of reasoning, etc.    (430T)

After the panelists briefings, there will be time for Q&A and an open discussion among the panel and all the participants.    (430U)

See more details at: RulesReasoningLP (homepage for this mini-series)    (430V)

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RulesReasoningLP Mini-series Panel Session-04    (4317)

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	2013-12-19 GMT-08:00 [PST]
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	[9:23] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (435N)
	 = RulesReasoningLP: mini-series session-04 - Thu 2013-12-19 =    (435O)
	Program: Ontology, Rules, and Logic Programming for Reasoning and Applications (RulesReasoningLP) 
	         Mini-series of virtual panel sessions    (435P)
	Topic: Guide to Reasoning Applications Development and Cases    (435Q)
	Session Co-chairs: Dr. HensonGraves (Algos Associates) & Professor KenBaclawski (Northeastern U)    (435R)
	Panelists / Briefings:    (435S)
	* Dr. JansAasman (Franz) - "Using Prolog and SPARQL's Magic Predicates for Detecting Fraud Patterns"    (435T)
	* Mr. WilliamGuinn (WGSigma System) - "Architecting intelligent real-time systems which process billions of events a day"    (435U)
	* Professor MitchKokar (Northeastern U) - "OWL and Rules for Cognitive Radios"    (435V)
	Logistics:    (435W)
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	Attendees: AlanRector, AlexShkotin, AliHashemi, AzlinayatiManaf, BethHuffer, BobKowalski, 
	BobbinTeegarden, ChuckRehberg, ConradBock, CraigNorvell, DanMcShan, DennisWisnosky, DennisPierson, 
	FranLightsom, FrancescaQuattri, GenZou, HaroldBoley, HensonGraves, JansAasman, JonathanBona, 
	KenBaclawski, LamarHenderson, LeoObrst, MarkusStumptner, MichaelGruninger, MikeBennett, MitchKokar, 
	NancyWiegand, PavithraKenjige, PeterYim, RichardMartin, RoyBell, TaraAthan, ToddSchneider, 
	TomTinsley, WeihongSong, WilliamGuinn    (4361)
	 == Proceedings ==    (4362)
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	[9:22] HensonGraves: @Jans, thanks for taking the time to do this.    (4365)
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	[9:36] PeterYim: slides are under:    (436K)
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	[9:40] PeterYim: == HensonGraves & KenBaclawski starts the session ...    (436M)
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	[9:45] PeterYim: == JansAasman presenting ...    (436O)
	[9:52] PeterYim: @JansAasman: typo on slide#5 ("q" should not be there) ... please supply an update 
	afterwards so I can swap the updated version of your slide-deck in    (436P)
	[10:13] PeterYim: == WilliamGuinn presenting ...    (436Q)
	[10:14] LeoObrst: Joined late.    (436R)
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	[10:26] JansAasman: Peter: is Bill still on the same slide?    (436T)
	[10:26] AlexShkotin: I think yes :-)    (436U)
	[10:27] PeterYim: as far as I hear him prompt    (436V)
	[10:27] JansAasman: ok    (436W)
	[10:28] JansAasman: can we ask him?    (436X)
	[10:28] PeterYim: I just looked at the slides that follow, and trust that he is still on this one (slide#5)    (436Y)
	[10:30] PeterYim: Bill probably feels that he should spend a bit more time on the ECA Architecture 
	(which is central to their approach)    (436Z)
	[10:32] JansAasman: ok    (4370)
	[10:32] PeterYim: ... on slide#6 now    (4371)
	[10:37] KenBaclawski: I tried to tell Bill that he only had 5 minutes left, but I did not seem to get through.    (4372)
	[10:43] PeterYim: == MitchKokar presenting ...    (4373)
	[10:45] BobbinTeegarden: @William: why (in the stack) use/need both Allegrograph and Cassandra?    (4374)
	[11:00] AlanRector: Apologies. Thanks to the speakers. I have to drop out now. Happy holidays to all    (4375)
	[11:08] LeoObrst: @Mitch: we did some research on cognitive radio/cognitive spectrum 2005-2007, 
	using OWL ontologies and rules. I'll send you the list of references offline. E.g, Allen Ginsberg, 
	William D. Horne, Jeffrey D. Poston. 2006. Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Policy Specification, and the 
	Semantic Web. Published in 2006. see:    (4376)
	[11:25] MitchKokar: @LeoObrst: Leo, yes I am aware of the work done by Allen and Jeff. We were 
	interacting while Allen was still at MITRE.    (4377)
	[11:11] PeterYim: == Q&A and open discussion ...    (4378)
	[11:09] PeterYim: @WeihongSong - I don't believe I have your affiliation and contact email ... Can 
	you provide that please (to: <>)    (4379)
	[10:45] BobbinTeegarden: @William: why (in the stack) use/need both Allegrograph and Cassandra?    (437A)
	[11:10] WilliamGuinn: Bobbin, we often need to do quite a bit of off line analysis like regression 
	analysis. Cassandra and R are easier for this than integrating graphs and stat packages. We also try 
	to do things in the background when possible, to reduce the online H/W cost (which is large). This 
	also avoids having to cleanup the graph deleting old time series data that in most cases has a 
	limited life span.    (437B)
	[11:13] PeterYim: ... BillGuinn elaborated (verbally) on his answer to BobbinTeegarden's question at 
	[10:45]    (437C)
	[11:14] BobbinTeegarden: @William: Thank you.    (437D)
	[11:15] PeterYim: MichaelGruninger requests of MitchKokar to elaborate on his use of "deontic semantics"    (437E)
	[11:18] HensonGraves: @Michael, what is the difference between ontology and axiom set    (437F)
	[11:18] MichaelGruninger: Can each of the speakers show examples of how axioms of the ontologies were used?    (437G)
	[11:18] MichaelGruninger: @HensonGraves: an ontology consists of a set of axioms    (437H)
	[11:20] HensonGraves: @Michael, that is what I was suggesting    (437I)
	[11:12] HensonGraves: @Jans, are the ontologies such as events, etc. open and accessible from the Franz site?    (437J)
	[11:27] JansAasman: @HensonGraves: we don't have these ontologies for events for download. We mostly 
	have standardized predicates for geospatial, temporal, type and social network functions    (437K)
	[11:29] HensonGraves: @Jans, thanks. at some point, for some applications, one might need to produce 
	the justification for an inference, which would need to reference the ontology    (437L)
	[11:32] MikeBennett: In terms of an Events ontology, would it not make more sense to use an ontology 
	which distinguish between events (which happen) and activities (which have an Actor). If a tree 
	falls in the forest it's still an event, whereas the ontology Jans was using conflates these.    (437M)
	[11:33] LeoObrst: In the past we have translated OWL/RDF & SWRL ontologies into logic programming, 
	which required developing an interpreter/compiler in Prolog for LP+DL, and could handle only a 
	subset of OWL. In general, we use LP for reasoning on OWL ontologies, which are syntactically 
	translated these days.    (437N)
	[11:34] BobbinTeegarden: @Leo is there a presentation or online URL about how you do this translation?    (437O)
	[11:39] LeoObrst: @Bobbin: unfortunately, the main paper is a journal article: 36)Samuel, Ken; Leo 
	Obrst; Suzette Stoutenberg; Karen Fox; Paul Franklin; Adrian Johnson; Ken Laskey; Deborah Nichols; 
	Steve Lopez; and Jason Peterson. 2008. Applying Prolog to Semantic Web Ontologies & Rules: Moving 
	Toward Description Logic Programs. The Journal of the Theory and Practice of Logic Programming 
	(TPLP), Massimo Marchiori, ed., Cambridge University Press, Volume 8, Issue 03, May 2008, 
	pp. 301-322.    (437P)
	[11:34] PeterYim: Great session!    (437Q)
	[11:34] LeoObrst: Very good session. Thanks all.    (437R)
	[11:35] BobKowalski: Many thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed this.    (437S)
	[11:35] PeterYim: Join us again on Thu 2014_01_09 for the RulesReasoningLP mini-series session-05: 
	Rule Standards: Common Logic, RuleML, and RIF - Co-chairs: HaroldBoley, AdrianPaschke & MikeDean    (437T)
	[11:35] PeterYim: coming up next, will be the OntologySummit2014 Kick-off Session, on Thu 
	16-Jan-2014 ... please mark your calendars and watch out for further announcements and developing 
	details at:    (437U)
	[11:36] PeterYim: in the mean time ... Happy Holidays, Everyone!    (437V)
	[11:36] PeterYim: -- session ended: 11:35 am PST --    (437W)
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