Ontolog Mini-Series on "Database And Ontology" (Session-8) - Thu 28-June-2007    (11QS)

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This is the 8th event of the "Database and Ontology mini-series" of talks and discussions, during which this community will be exploring the landscape, issues and interactions between databases and ontologies.    (11RZ)

This is a community-driven set of activities, and is probably long overdue. On 15-Aug-2006, TatianaMalyuta (who just joined the community after participating at our 23-Jul-2006 face-to-face workshop at Stanford, brought up her request for the Ontolog Forum to delve into the subject of "Database and Ontologiy." An almost unprecedented flurry of online responses were received from the community. It was decided that we could systematically pursue the subject by mounting a min-series on the matter at hand.    (11S0)

A planning meeting for this mini-series took place on 31-Aug-2006. MatthewWest was invited to champion the effort, and a "Program & Technical Advisory Team" was formed, comprising MatthewWest (Lead), AdrianWalker, AtillaElci, ChrisPartridge, LeoObrst, PeterYim, SusieStephens & TatianaMalyuta.    (11S1)

See also: DatabaseAndOntology (the 'project' homepage for this mini-series)    (11S2)

The community is requested to contribute their thoughts by posting to [ontolog-forum] or to the DatabaseAndOntology wiki page (and/or its subpages). We hope to accumulate and synthesize the knowledge gathered and compile it into a written deliverable (a paper or even a handbook) that we could publish this collaboratively authored work to other relevant media and channels (like relevant conferences or the wikipedia.)    (11S3)

Agenda & Proceedings: "Database And Ontology" - Mini-series Session-8    (11S4)

Title: Building Database Infrastructure for Managing Semantic Data    (11SD)

. . . . . . By: Dr. Souripriya Das and Dr. Melliyal Annamalai (Oracle)    (12MW)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/work/DatabaseAndOntology/2007-06-28_SouripriyaDas-MelliyalAnnamalai/SouripriyaDas_20070628.jpg . . . . . . . . http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/work/DatabaseAndOntology/2007-06-28_SouripriyaDas-MelliyalAnnamalai/MelliyalAnnamalai_20070628.jpg    (12MX)

         [Dr. Souripriya Das]                     [Dr. Melliyal Annamalai]    (12MY)

Abstract (by SouripriyaDas and MelliyalAnnamalai):    (11SF)

Extending database technology to store and manage ontologies and semantic data has several advantages:    (11SG)

Our initial work focused on storage, query, and management of RDF data in a database. We developed a storage model for storing RDF data in relational structures, and extended SQL to create an interface for querying RDF data in the database. The SQL extension is implemented through a table function interface, which allows for the results of an ontology query to be returned as a table that can then be combined with other relational data using standard SQL constructs. Our ongoing work focuses on extending ontology management to include support for an expressive subset of OWL DL (basic constructs, property characteristics, class comparisons, individual comparisons, and class expressions), and the addition of two new SQL operators to enhance the query of relational data using ontologies.    (11SL)

In this talk we will talk about our experiences in building the infrastructure for storage and management of ontologies and semantic data in the database, and include examples that show the power of combining ontologies with relational queries. In a subsequent talk we will focus on the support for OWL.    (11SM)

About the Invited Speakers:    (11SN)

Dr. Souripriya Das, a.k.a. Souri, pioneered the work on semantic technologies in Oracle and has led the development effort over two product cycles since its inception in 2002. Prior to semantic technologies, he was the lead developer and project leader for novel database features at Oracle. Souri is a Consultant Member of Technical Staff at Oracle. Besides working on semantic technologies development, he also represents Oracle at the W3C Data Access Working Group that is responsible for the SPARQL query language and protocol. Souri has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has been interested in all areas of Computer Science right from his undergraduate days at the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur. His other interests are in trying to understand the philosophy of life, evolution of the Universe, and playing soccer with friends.    (11SO)

Dr. Melliyal Annamalai is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is part of the Semantic Technologies development group (at Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.) Projects she has worked on at Oracle include semantic operator support in the database and using semantic technology to enhance image metadata based search. She is a member of the W3C Semantic Web Education and Outreach group and the W3C Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group. Her responsibilities in the development group include understanding customer requirements and helping them use Oracle Database Semantics technology in their applications.    (11SP)

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