Nabil Adam    (2P0I)

Nabil R. Adam, PhD
Science & Technology Directorate, DHS
Washington, DC, USA.


Professor & Director
Rutgers University    (2P0J)

see: biosketch    (2P0K)

Dr. Adam serves as a Fellow and Sr. Program Manager at the US Department of Homeland Security – Infrastructure & Geophysical Division, Science & Technology Directorate where he manages the Complex Event Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis program initiated in 2008. He also serves as the technical lead for the Unified Incident Command & Decision Support System program and has initiated the Cyber-physical Systems Security program. Dr. Adam is a Professor of Computers and Information Systems at Rutgers University; the Founding Director of the Rutgers University Center for Information Management, Integration and Connectivity; and the Director of the information Technology for Emergency mAnageMent (i-TEAM) Research Laboratory. Dr. Adam is one of the Co-founders and past Director of the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute. Additional research positions held include serving as past Chair of the MSIS Department at RBS.    (2P0N)

Dr. Adam received the B.S. degree from Cairo University, the M.S., M.Phil, and Ph.D. from Columbia University.    (2P0O)