Ontolog Mini-Series: Database and Ontology (Session-2) - Thu 16-Nov-2006    (RCC)

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This is the 2nd event of the "Database and Ontology" mini-series of talks and discussions, during which this community will be exploring the landscape, issues and interactions between databases and ontologies.    (RD7)

This is a community-driven set of activities, and is probably long overdue. On 15-Aug-2006, TatianaMalyuta (who just joined the community after participating at our 23-Jul-2006 face-to-face workshop at Stanford, brought up her request for the Ontolog to delve into the subject of "Database and Ontologiy." An almost unprecedented flurry of online responses were received from the community. It was decided that we could systematically pursue the subject by mounting a mini-series on the matter at hand.    (RD8)

A planning meeting for this mini-series took place on 31-Aug-2006. MatthewWest was invited to champion the effort, and a "Program & Technical Advisory Team" was formed, comprising MatthewWest (Lead), AdrianWalker, AtillaElci, ChrisPartridge, LeoObrst, PeterYim, SusieStephens & TatianaMalyuta.    (RD9)

See also: DatabaseAndOntology (the 'project' homepage for this mini-series)    (RDA)

The community is requested to contribute their thoughts by posting to [ontolog-forum] or to the DatabaseAndOntology wiki page (and/or its subpages). We hope to accumulate and synthesize the knowledge gathered and compile it into a written deliverable (a paper or even a handbook) that we could publish this collaboratively authored work to other relevant media and channels (like relevant conferences or the wikipedia.)    (RDB)

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Topic: "From Ontology to Data Model: Choices and Design Decisions" by Dr. Matthew West    (RDJ)

http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/resource/presentation/MatthewWest_20060223/MatthewWest_2001-09-09.jpg [picture of Dr. Matthew West]    (RDK)

An ontology describes the types of things that exist, and rules that govern them, a data model defines records about things, and is the basis for a database design. Not all the information in an ontology may be needed (or can even be held) in a data model and there are a number of choices that need to be made. For example, some of the ontology may be held as reference data instead of as entity types. This talk will explore these choices, with illustrations from the ISO 15926-2 data model.    (RDM)

Matthew West has a BSC and PhD in Chemical Engineering and has worked for Shell since 1978, initially as a Refinery Technologist, but since 1987 on the computing/business interface with a particular interest in Information Management and Data Modelling. He has taken a keen interest in the development of International Standards and is a key technical contributor to ISO 15926 – "Lifecycle integration of process plant data including oil and gas production facilities". He is currently the Reference Data Architecture and Standards Manager for Shell's Downstream (refinery to petrol pump) business, where he is currently developing Shell’s Global Downstream Data Model.    (RDO)

Dr. West is the Shell Visiting Professor in the Keyworth Institute at the University of Leeds. He is a Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, the British Computer Society, and the Chartered Management Institute; and he is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist and a Chartered IT Professional.    (RDP)

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