Valentina Presutti, PhD    (1SCY)

Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab)
Rome, Italy

email: valentina_dot_presutti_at_istc_dot_cnr_dot_it    (1SCZ)

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Speaker of Virtual Event:    (1SYY)

I received my Ph.D in Computer Science in 2006 at the University of Bologna (Italy). Currently, I am a researcher at the Semantic Technology Laboratory of the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome. I am one of the key researchers in the EU funded projects NeOn and IKS. I started the initiative, which I actively participates in as one of the editors in chief. I have published in international journals/conferences/workshops on topics such as Semantic Web and ontology design. I also teach software engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", and work as consultant for private as well as public organizations. My research interests include Semantic Web, ontology design, collaborative knowledge/content management, and ontology-based software engineering.    (1SYT)