Karl Hammar    (45PK)

http://hj.se/images/200.33f69bad13a16a50760b54/1349002443610/hammar_150.jpg    (45R1)

Karl Hammar holds a Tekn Lic degree in Informatics from Linköping University, and a MSc in Computer Engineering from Jönköping University. His work focuses on reuse in ontology engineering, in particular using Ontology Design Patterns. Karl’s Licentiate dissertation focused on development of quality characteristics and indicators for such patterns, useful in evaluating their suitability for different purposes. His ongoing PhD research focuses on developing methods and tools for finding, adapting, and combining such patterns. Karl has arranged several workshops on related topics at major conferences, e.g., the Workshop on Ontology Patterns (WOP) and the Workshop on Semantic Web Enterprise Adoption and Best Practice (WaSABi). In addition to research, he also manages the Bachelor program in Software Engineering for Mobile Platforms at Jönköping University.    (45PL)

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