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Re: [ontolog] Welcome to new members

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From: Jan Algermissen <algermissen@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 10:31:21 +0200
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>     - Provide a brief description of your background
>       (if you have a bio/resume/cv available online, kindly
>       provide us with a link to it.)    (01)

My name is Jan Algermissen, I am working as an independent
consultant for information organization and search technology.
My primary focus is on topic maps and recently their combination
with RESTful web services. More information is available at
http://www.topicmapping.com .    (02)

>     - Describe the personal goals and objectives that are
>       driving your participation in Ontolog    (03)

I think that topic maps are a promising technology to describe
web services, especially for the use of integrating cross plattform
business applications. I want to exploit and contribute to the
'ontological layer' that is needed for such an integration.    (04)

>     - List your areas of interest    (05)

topic maps
REST web services
information retrieval
text mining
thesaurus/ontology construction and integration
programming    (06)

Jan Algermissen
Consultant & Programmer    (07)

Tel:   ++49 (0)40 89 700 511
       ++49 (0)177 283 1440
Fax:   ++49 (0)40 89 700 841 
Email: algermissen@xxxxxxx
Web:   http://www.topicmapping.com
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