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 Include in your reply a short introductory statement:

My name is Bo Newman and I am the founder of the original Knowledge Management Forum, one of the first virtual communities of practice in the field of Knowledge Management. My personal research focuses on the dynamics of the knowledge to establish improved models for understanding the ways knowledge is developed, stored, transferred, and used within organizations. Resent research products include; the Knowledge Management Characterization Framework (1999), Critical Alignment Path Analysis (1999), Knowledge Flow Theory and Analysis (2000, 2002), and on-going work on Long Term Knowledge Preservation.  I was  the co-author of the primary postgraduate course on knowledge management fundamentals at George Washington University as well as course-work on the Knowledge Management Characterization Framework.  I was a contributing author to The "Handbook of Knowledge Management" to be published this month.

The majority of my writing, my Knowledge Sciences Blog, and a few other misc items can be accessed via my personal home-page www.3-cities.com/~bonewman/

   - Describe the personal goals and objectives that are
     driving your participation in Ontolog

My over-arching goal is to strengthen the theoretical foundations for the practice. My specific interest is to examine characteristics of ontologies, the process of ontology development, issues of ontological alignment, and it we get to that point, something called trans-navigational ontologies.

   - List your areas of interest

Knowledge Sciences (ontology, epistemology, alignment theory), Knowledge Engineering (Knowledge Flow Analysis, ontology analysis), Long-term Knowledge perpetuation, Project and Process Management.

I'm looking forward to some good discussions.

Bo Newman
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