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Re: [ontolog] Welcome to new members

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From: Adam Pease <apease@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 12:26:57 -0700
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Hi Folks,    (01)

>2) Include in your reply a short introductory statement:
>    - Provide a brief description of your background
>      (if you have a bio/resume/cv available online, kindly
>      provide us with a link to it.)    (02)

My group works in logic and knowledge based systems.  Our focus currently 
is on the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology 
<http://ontology.teknowledge.com>: a free, formal upper ontology, expressed 
in first order logic, and in DAML.  It has been mapped to all the WordNet 
nouns and verbs, several free domain-specific ontologies have been created 
from it, an open-source browser is available and format files supplied with 
the browser allow logic statements to be presented in both English and 
Czech as well as logic.  SUMO has also been subjected to formal consistency 
checking with first order logic theorem provers.  My CV is at 
<http://projects.teknowledge.com/apease>    (03)

>    - Describe the personal goals and objectives that are
>      driving your participation in Ontolog    (04)

I'm interested in applying ontology to real-world applications and working 
with a group of people on common ontology content so application ontologies 
are reusable.    (05)

>    - List your areas of interest    (06)

formal ontology content, and it's application    (07)

>    - List any ideas that you have for discussion topics    (08)

What are particular domain ontology content needs that people have?    (09)

Adam    (010)

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