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Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 11:03:59 +0100
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Hi, I'm Martin Bryan. I was one of the editors of the ISO 13250 Topic Map
standard, and have been involved in promoting the use of multilingual
e-business ontologies within CEN. I currently spend most of my time tracking
the development of Information Society standardization projects for the
European Union as part of the IST Diffuse project. You can find more about
my background at http://www.sgml.u-net.com/mtb.html and find details of my
research interests at http://www.sgml.u-net.com/home.html    (01)

My interest in participating in Ontolog is to ensure that proper
consideration is taken of the problems with describing ontologies both
multilingually and "naturally". In both these cases terms have multiple
meanings, meanings overlap and conflict. Problems with defining things using
terms such as "but not" or "within domain x" or "in Spain" are often
overlooked, yet these terms are vital in understanding why people from
different cultures have misunderstandings despite the best will in the world
to cooperate.    (02)

Scoping and assigning roles to associations are key techniques for
differentiating between the use of words in specific contexts that I have
been exploring. Another key interest is how to automatically identify the
contexts that apply where terms have been used with specific meanings within
electronic resources.    (03)

Among the areas of discussion I would like to see encouraged are:    (04)

 - The linking of resources to multiple ontologies
 - Identifying relationships between ontologies
 - Defining the area of overlap of multilingual terms    (05)

Martin Bryan
Technical Manager, The Diffuse Project    (06)

Diffuse: http://www.diffuse.org, mailto:mtbryan@xxxxxxxxxxx
The Diffuse Project is funded under the European Commission's IST programme.
Diffuse publications are maintained by IC Focus, The SGML Centre and
TIEKE (Finnish Information Society Development Centre).
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++    (07)

The SGML Centre, 29 Oldbury Orchard, Churchdown, Glos GL3 2PU, UK
Phone/Fax: +44 1452 714029  E-mail: mtbryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (08)

For further details about The SGML Centre visit http://www.sgml.u-net.com    (09)

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