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Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 11:06:33 -0400 (EDT)
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Purple numbers! Yes!    (01)

Name            Sam Hunting    (02)

Background      Sam Hunting is the president of eTopicality, Inc., a
                consultancy  whose service offerings include topic
                maps, content analysis, and DTD development. He was a
                founding member of TopicMaps.Org, which developed the
                XML Topic Maps (XTM) specification. He is a co-author
                of the XTM 1.0 DTD. He is the technical editor of XML
                Topic Maps: Creating and Maintaining Topic Maps for the
                Web,  from Addison-Wesley. He is a co-founder of the
                GooseWorks project  for creating open source topic map
                tools (http:/www.gooseworks.org). He has been working
                with markup technology for over 10 years with large
                information owners and publishers (legal, medical,
                aerospace).    (03)

Site            http://www.etopicality.com    (04)

Personal        Understand ontologies and the ontology community.
Goals    (05)

Areas of        Can the topic map paradigm and the topic map syntax
interest        be used to make ontologies more widely distributed?
                All things practical with ontologies. How can I use
                them to help customers? Especially, how can I use them
                to help customers by using generic, markup-based tools,
                and the RESTful web architecture? Can ontologies become
                something that consumers use as tools to think with, in
                a collaborative environment?    (06)

Philosophically, I am a fan of the later Wittgenstein (the one who said
that "language is a form of life"). Often, in the computer world, we
mistake the "objects" that we create for living things in the real
world, which is a lot more complicated and intertwingled than our
objects can be. There are times when I think that the very use of the
word "ontology" is an example of this.    (07)

And I believe that clear, clean prose is at the foundation of every
tower of abstraction that we build. Prose has status equal, if not
superior to, the concepts we throw around for a living. "Prose poets
are the unacknowledged legislators of the world." ;-)                  (08)

Sam Hunting
eTopicality, Inc.    (09)

"Turn your searching experience into a finding experience."(tm)    (010)

Topic map consulting and training: www.etopicality.com
Free open source topic map tools:  www.gooseworks.org    (011)

XML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web.
Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-74960-2.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------    (012)

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