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From: ANDY TAN <andytan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 10:22:42 +0800
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Hi All,    (01)

I am  the founder of Intrinix Networks. Intrinix Networks provides
e-business application development services. I have been in software
development for over 17 years and has successfully implemented many projects
over the years. I have been focusing on Internet related software
development since 1997. My business contact information is provided below.
I am also an exco member of the XMLOne User Group (www.xmlone.org).
XMLone.org is a non-profit organization supported by the technology
companies, government board, developers and professionals from the business
Community. We are the organizer of XMLAsia conference held annually in
I have startup a special interest group to focus on applying XML and its
complimentary standards in SCM applications. The purpose of this XML-SCM,
Special Interest Group is to provide a forum for companies and individual to
meet and discuss about technical issues and other related subject regarding
XML and its application in the area of supply chain management. 
My area of interest is to explore XML and its complementary standards in B2B
applications. I am actively promoting the use of XML in data exchange. Since
I am new to the field of Ontology, I am joining as an observer and hope to
participate actively in the later stage.    (02)

Regards    (03)

Andy Tan
Director    (04)

Intrinix Networks Pte Ltd
25 Serangoon North Ave 5
#05-01A Keppel Digihub
Singapore 554914
Tel: (65)64847321/(65)64847322
Fax:(65)64842713    (05)

website:www.intrinix.com    (06)

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