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RE: [ontolog] Welcome to new members

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Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:26:45 -0500
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Certainly, and thank you for the opportunity to provide this information to
the group:    (01)

I have been involved in mission critical internet applications design and
development for 7 years, for a wide variety of purposes and vertical
markets: HealthCare, Insurance, Financial, Retail, E-Marketplaces,
Manufacturing, Mobile Phone/Web, and others. My experience spans both Java
and Microsoft based architectures, and XML / Web Services engineering. I am
currently serving as Technical Advisor to the Electronic Enterprise Working
Group of the Aerspace Industries Association, and as Co-Chair of the
Metadata Harmonization Project for AIA.    (02)

I have attached an HTML version of my resume, and you may find it online at
77c8f2dc    (03)

Areas of Interest:
Metadata, Semantic and Ontological models, Web Services architectures
linkage between disparate e-business standards.    (04)

Ideas for topic discussion:
I'm open on this, I want to become more familiar with the current
discussions the group is involved in.
A primary need is to identify mapping/linking schemes for data element
concepts in cross-standard and cross-industry documents.    (05)

Clarify the meaning and usage of the word "Ontology" and
"Ontological Behavior":    (06)

An ontology is a shared vocabulary that describes a concept (in our case, a
data element concept). Ontological behaviour is to provide a specification
or  representation of a data element concept(s).    (07)

john    (08)

~~~~~~~~~~    (09)

John Hardin
EBusiness Architect
314-878-4777 x 145
mailto:john.hardin@xxxxxxxxxxxx    (010)

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 - Provide a brief description of your background
      (if you have a bio/resume/cv available online, kindly
      provide us with a link to it.)    (012)

        I have involved in information standards development and
implementation activities for over ten years, primarily in the ISO-10303
suite of product data standards sponsored by ISO SC4-TC184. Recently I am
invovled in developing the ISO-10303-239, Product Life Cycle Support
application protocol, particularly, in drafting the data model
representation of logical constructs for "condition" and "condition
evaluation" subjects.    (013)

    - Describe the personal goals and objectives that are
      driving your participation in Ontolog    (014)

        To observe and help clarify foundation concepts for usable standards
development.    (015)

    - List your areas of interest    (016)

        Information modeling, information system implementation,
meta-information languages.    (017)

    - List any ideas that you have for discussion topics    (018)

        1) The SC4 developed data model schema covering "expressions" for
mathematical and logical structures (ISO 13584-20)
http://www.steptools.com/sc4/archive/PLIB/13584-020.exp (The site only
contains the up to date "express code" for the data  model. The standards
document is ISO copy righted and please inquire your own library for
availability.    (019)

        2) Clarify the meaning and usage of the word "Ontology" and
"Ontological Behavior"    (020)

Shiang-yu Lee, Ph. D.    (021)

Architecture and eBusiness    (022)

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group    (023)

P.O. Box 3707,  M/S 2R-97
Seattle, WA 98124-2207
(206)-544-5252 (phone)
206)-544-5889 (fax)
email: shiang-yu.lee@xxxxxxxxxx    (024)

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