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Greetings:    (01)

My name is Greg Olsen.  I am the Industry Relations Director for Aerospace
and Defense.  It is my job to find what those two industries may require
from a software vendor in terms of metadata content/semantics.    (02)

My background includes all the following:
Programmer/analyst at Vanstar.  I was one of five developers who wrote the
EDI Processing Engine for the entire corporation.  Vanstar was a $2
billion/year company.  Additionally, I owned the manufacturing processes,
including adding new functionality to the EDI Processing Engine and all the
EDI maps connecting Vanstar to its' suppliers:  IBM, HP, Compaq, Lotus,
Microsoft, Novell, 3Com, Apple, etc.    (03)

EDI/SAP Developer at Hewlett-Packard.  I was responsible for creating the
EDI maps using Sterlings' Gentran:BASIC and GEIS's Application Integrator
and to extend the basic capabilities of SAP to make use of the EDI
transactions.  I was also responsible for the contract manufacturer, 3PL,
and distribution warehouse processes.  I was also an architect of the
Reverse Logistics processes on SAP.    (04)

Director Product Management/Industry Relations Director at Contivo.  I am
responsible to help define the direction of the product, interface with
customers to get their feedback, and then to implement our customer/industry
feedback into the product.  Additionally, I am responsible for working with
the following industry groups:
*       AIA (Aeronautics Industries Association).  Currently, I am working
with the EEWG (Electronic Enterprise Working Group) on the Metadata
Harmonization Project.
*       EIDX/CompTIA (Electronics Industry Data Exchange/Computer Technology
Industry Association).  Currently, I co-chair XRT (Cross-Reference Team),
chartered to develop a cross-reference of the various metadata standards
used by the industry (ANSI and EDIFACT EDI, RosettaNet, OAGI, and xCBL).
*       OAGI (Open Applications Group)
*       RosettaNet    (05)

I am interested in semantic modeling of metadata.  I am also very
interesting in the various ontologies and taxonomies that are currently in
use as well as those being worked on from an industry/government
perspective.  I would like to gain a stronger understanding of these
emerging ontologies and taxonomies to better position Contivo and its
products.    (06)

I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and gaining more information from
this discussion group.  I can use the information to feed back to both AIA
and EIDX/CompTIA at their face-to-face meetings.    (07)

Greg Olsen
Industry Relations Director
Aerospace and Defense
Contivo, Inc.
640A Clyde Court
Mountain View, CA  94043
voice:  (650) 426-4110
fax:  (650) 426-4001
email:  golsen@xxxxxxxxxxx
=================    (08)

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