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All,    (01)

Sorry for the delay on this: here's my introduction.    (02)

I am a senior AI scientist at the MITRE AI Center in Northern Virginia
(www.mitre.org) and the technical coordinator for knowledge
representation and semantics, involved in projects on context-based
semantic interoperability, ontology modeling of complex decision-making,
conceptual information retrieval, community metadata and semantic
markup, and semantic mapping/brokering.  I was recently Director of
Ontological Engineering at VerticalNet.com, a department I formed to
create ontologies in the product and service space to support
Business-to-Business e-commerce.    (03)

My PhD is in theoretical linguistics with a concentration in formal
semantics from the University of Texas-Austin. I have worked nearly 20
years in computational linguistics, knowledge representation, and in the
last seven years in ontological engineering.    (04)

I am a member of the W3C Web Ontology Working Group
(http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/WebOnt/) and the IEEE Standard Upper Ontology
working group and am currently the assistant technical editor for one
proposed standard upper ontology candidate, the Information Flow
Framework (http://suo.ieee.org/). In addition, I participate in the
OntoWeb network (http://www.ontoweb.org/index.htm).    (05)

My general research interests include formal models, the semantics and
pragmatics of natural language, ontology representation and reasoning,
the Semantic Web, constraint and logic programming, intelligent agents,
and category theory. I am currently most interested in the formalization
of context for ontology mapping and integration, and semantic mapping
methods.    (06)

Some recent or forthcoming publications:    (07)

· The Semantic Web: The Future of XML, Web Services, and Knowledge
Management [Book], forthcoming, 2003.
· Obrst, L., H. Liu, R. Wray, L. Wilson. 2002. Ontologies for
Semantically Interoperable Electronic Commerce. In the Proceedings of
ICEIMT’02, International Conference on Enterprise Modelling and
Enterprise Integration Technologies (ICEIMT), and the Conference of the
EI3-IC Initiative (Enterprise Inter- and Intra-Organisational
Integration – International Consensus), Valencia, Spain, April 24-26,
2002, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002.
· Obrst, L., R. Wray, H. Liu. Ontological Engineering for B2B
E-Commerce. In the Proceedings of The Second International Conference on
Formal Ontology in Information Systems, October 17-19, 2001, Ogunquit,
ME.  http://www.fois.org/fois-2001/index.html
· Obrst, L., H. Liu. Knowledge Representation, Ontological Engineering,
and Topic Maps, chapter in XML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps
for the Web, Jack Park, ed., Addison-Wesley, 2003 (available July,
· Obrst, L., P. Carbone. Situating Knowledge Management on the
Interpretation Continuum, AAAI Spring Symposium on Bringing Knowledge to
Business Processes, April, 2000, Stanford University.
· Tyler, J., L. Obrst, D. Pack, E. Peterson. Knowledge-Based Agents for
C2 Decision Support, September 14-16, 1999, Simulation Interoperability
Workshop, Fall, 1999, Orlando, Fl.
· Obrst, L., E. Peterson, J. Tyler. Ontologies and Complex Command and
Control Decision-making Behavior Modeling, AAAI Workshop on Ontology
Management, Orlando, FL, July 19, 1999.
· Obrst, L., G. Whittaker, A. Meng. Semantic Context for Object
Exchange, AAAI Workshop on Context in AAI Applications, Orlando, FL,
July 19, 1999.
· Obrst, L., G. Whittaker, A. Meng. Semantic Interoperability via
Context Interpretation, submitted to Context-99, Trento, Italy, April,
1999, invited poster session.
· Smith, K., L. Obrst. Unpacking The Semantics of Source and Usage To
Achieve Semantic Reconciliation In Large-Scale Information Systems,
SIGMOD special issue on Semantic Interoperability, March, 1999, A. Sheth
& A. Ouksel, eds.    (08)

Dr. Leo Obrst  The MITRE Corporation
mailto:lobrst@xxxxxxxxx Intelligent Information Management/Exploitation
Voice: 703-883-6770 7515 Colshire Drive, M/S W640
Fax: 703-883-1379       McLean, VA 22102-7508, USA    (09)

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