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RE: [ontolog] Welcome to new members

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From: "Miller, Robert (GXS)" <Robert.Miller@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 11:56:16 -0400
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Good People,

I join the group as a veteran software developer (I am semi-retired),
whose work experience includes application developement, compiler &
runtime development, database software development (co-authored both
a DBM and a DBML), code generators, EDI translators and other third
party EDI software.  I am actively involved in efforts to define EDI
standards, including EDI standards based in XML syntax.

I've found that most of my EDI colleagues do not recognize the need
to systematically examine EDI artifacts, to discern an ontological
framework into which such information can be collected and organized.
As a result, we are paying little more than lip service to our goal of
interoperability among implementations of Electronic Data Interchange.

With my reduced work schedule and commitments, I will likely be more
an observer than an active participant.  But note that I've not been a
silent observer on any listserv to which I've subscribed, and I'm not
likely to be silent on this one.

        Bob Miller

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