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Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 11:35:13 -0700
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Sally,    (01)

I hope that you don't mind, but I reflowed your message for readability.    (02)

/s/ kwc 2002.10.09 10:01    (03)

     - Provide a brief description of your background    (04)

My bio is published in Diversity Careers Magazine Sept,2000. (scroll 
down to the middle of the article to read my bio)    (05)

http://www.diversitycareers.com/articles/pro/aug-sept-00/asianameng.htm    (06)

     - Describe the personal goals and objectives that are
       driving your participation in Ontolog    (07)

My responsibility at Boeing is in the area of XML Data Interchange 
which enables system interoperability and eBusiness.    (08)

I participate in several standards groups, in particular,  I use the 
Boeing example to prove out the standards work and recommend improvements:    (09)

ebXML, UNCEFACT - Prove ebXML architecture, define standard business 
process (BP), and core components (CC) supporting the business 
process. Register common BP & CC in public registry for reuse across 
industry. Boeing example documents is publicly available.    (010)

OASIS-UBL - Define standard eBusiness documents by reusing ebXML core 
components. Have completed purchase order and purchase order response 
documents.  Available from OASIS UBL site. An example from Boeing is 
in work, available in Nov. OAG (Open Application Group) - provides a 
set of XML documents. Boeing contributes to the OAG extensions white 
paper, it is available from OAG site.    (011)

AIA (Aerospace Industry Association) - moving towards XML.  Applying 
UDEF to solve the interoperability problem between different data 
element names from different standards.    (012)

ATA (Air Transportation Association) - moving towards XML. ATA XML is 
used in the Boeing ebXML example above.    (013)

     - List your areas of interest    (014)

To achieve interoperability, there needs to be a "SINGLE" standard, 
however,  XML language is so flexible, every standards group creates 
their own.  Developers needs to continue mapping to yet to another 
"standard".  Can we apply ontology to align the different yet similar 
data elements defined in these standards?    (015)

     - List any ideas that you have for discussion topics    (016)

1) The relationship and difference in ontolog, top maps, semantic web.
2) For system interoperability, the focus is on data elements, what 
is the right approach?
3) For document centric application, the focus is content, what is 
the right approach?    (017)

Regards,    (018)

Sally Chan
Associate Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
IS - Architecture & eBusiness
206-544-7488  <--- New    (019)

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