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Re: [ontolog] Welcome to new members

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From: Fook Wai Kong <kongfw@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 19:38:54 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi folks,

I am Fook-Wai and below is a brief introduction of myself.

Background: Master in Education; BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with Business Studies. Presently working at HP Far East as Storage Training Manager. Working experience in ERP/MRP2 project implementation.

Interests: Did an expert system (PROLOG) project in first-aid on diagnosing victim's condition and interested in knowledge acquisition of intelligent systems. Wanted to know how XML and knowledge engineering could deploy in the area of e-learning. Would like to see how I am able to identify areas where such technology could be used in business.


Fook Wai

 "Peter P. Yim" wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'm Peter Yim, one of the co-conveners of this forum. I'm most excited
that we finally managed to kick this off with such a stella group of

I founded CIM Engineering (in 1984) and is still operating it -- doing
business as CIM3.COM/.NET/.ORG
We provide infrastructure and professional services to communities of
practice, and to high performance project team, while keeping an "open
knowledge" profile.

My bio can be found at http://www.cim-oem.com/ppybio.html

[Personal goals, drivers, ... for ontolog]
I still believe in dreams and in collective abilities to make a
difference. I hope to see that this forum will make significant
contribution to bridge the gap between today's business transaction
processing needs and the future when the semantic web becomes

[Areas of Interest]
Collaboration processes and technology, and to carry on the
"Bootstrap" mission that Doug Engelbart had started back in the
1960's. (see http://www.bootstrap.org/ba/index.jsp#nid01 )

[Ideas for discussion ...]
While we shall continue to hold online discussions and address issues
that fall within our charter
, may
I suggest that the group consider going through the following motions
in short order. It's wonderful that part of that process has already

(i) to get people to know one another,

(ii) collate participants wishes and desires,

(iii) adopt our charter,

(iv) adopt an initial set of objectives and work up an agenda,

(v) get organized,

(vi) put together an action plan, and

(vii) start doing some real work.

Since we are just starting with a charter membership at this point,
this is the best time to really get involved. This way, we can all
influence the direction and approach of this community as a whole.

Very sincerely yours,

Peter P. Yim
President & CEO
CIM Engineering, Inc.
San Mateo, California, USA
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Best regards
Fook Wai

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