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Re: [ontolog-forum] Tighter control of ontolog forum?

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From: Mike Bennett <mbennett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 17:05:13 +0000
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I think there is an important distinction between discussion of ideas 
and the presentation of knowledge. The Wikipedia example is about 
presenting knowledge. I agree that for that purpose one would expect a 
level of editorial control, though I'm not aware of a problem with that.    (01)

So I humbly suggest that any thoughts on this are addressed to one or 
other of these two very different questions.    (02)

Mike    (03)

Chris Welty wrote:
> As many of you have no doubt heard, Wikipedia, aggressive bastion of open 
> collaboration, is strongly considering finally giving in and closing its 
> editorial process somewhat.  The new model being proposed and supported by a 
> majority of wikipedians, including its founder, is that anyone will be able 
> edit, but all edits (perhaps constrained to "all edits on higher traffic 
> will need to be approved by a "trusted" editor, of which there are many 
> (thousands?).
> Pure openness was key to bootstrapping wikipedia's content, but now that it 
> among the most frequented and trusted web sites, it has become a common 
> of spam, pranks, and general maliciousness.
> I know there are many in ontolog who prefer a purely open forum, but I think 
> failure of SUO and the continuing nonsense in this forum - which make it the 
> butt of many jokes and keeps a lot of otherwise serious ontology people away 
> include myself in this category, you may argue with the "otherwise serious" 
>   - are evidence that the open model doesn't work here.
> This forum is not taken seriously because it is too open.  I suggest adopting 
> model like the one Wikipedia is considering, in which we establish a sort of 
> active editorial board - a group of trusted moderators rather than just one, 
> of whom can approve a post and thus the flow of information will not be 
> significantly slowed, power and control will not be in the hands of one 
> and the quality will increase.
>       (04)

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