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Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 09:16:41 -0700
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Here we embark on yet another rat hole ;-)    (01)

On 9/6/07 8:57 AM, "Ed Barkmeyer" <edbark@xxxxxxxx> wrote:    (02)

> My notion of "opposite" with respect to a proposition p is "not
> p".  I was unaware that this was "vague" or "ambiguous".  There
> is no relationship, in general, between (all x)(p x) and
> (all x)(not (p x))
DN: In the commons, there are accepted things that people generally agree
are opposite.  White and black are examples but if you really think about
it, it is harder to explain why they are opposite without resorting to some
contextual background such as an overall RGB spectrum. Are dark and light,
as perceived by the human senses, truly opposite or just the absence of
certain frequencies of light in the overall spectrum?  If infra red is still
working in the dark, how can dark be classified as opposite or light.    (03)

There are of course many examples that are truly opposite.  No-yes, right,
left, up down.    (04)

Duane    (05)

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