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Leonid, Jeff, and Duane,    (01)

The sociology of science (as well as every other field) is complex,
and it does not progress in a straight line.    (02)

Re CSP:  I don't want to get into a long biography, but there are
several chief points:    (03)

  1. In the 1870s and '80s, he had an international reputation in
     both logic and in the methods of measuring gravity.    (04)

  2. For his work on gravity, he was the first American to be invited
     to speak at an international scientific congress in Europe.    (05)

  3. De Morgan hailed Peirce's 1870 paper on relations as "the best
     publication on logic since Boole".    (06)

  4. Ernst Schroeder wrote a negative review of Frege's Begriffsschrift
     of 1879 and adopted Peirce's algebraic notation of 1880 and 1885
     for his 3-volume "Vorlesungen ueber die Algebra der Logik", which
     was the chief textbook on logic from 1890 to 1910.    (07)

  5. Peano also wrote a negative review of Frege's work and cited both
     Peirce and Schroeder as the sources for his own version.    (08)

  6. Whitehead cited Peirce's work in his 1898 book, _Universal Algebra_,
     but Russell chose not to mention it (or Schroeder's work) in the
     bibliography for the _Principia Mathematica_.    (09)

  7. Hilbert and Ackerman gave full credit to both Frege and Peirce as
     the founders of modern logic in their textbook of 1926.    (010)

For a summary of Peirce's contributions to logic, see the following
paper by Hilary Putnam:    (011)

    Peirce the Logician    (012)

John    (013)

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