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Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 11:57:21 -0400
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Wacek Kusnierczyk wrote:    (01)

> Ed Barkmeyer wrote:
>>First rule: when discoursing with logicians remember that "all"
>>and "always" are reserved words.  ;-)  In logic, "not 100%" is 
>>the *opposite* of "all".  A single counterexample is a disproof.
> Second rule: 'opposite' is a bit vague, avoid using it unless you're its 
> meaning is clear.
> 'opposite to all' might mean:
> - not all (a contradiction)
> - none (a contrary)    (02)

Accepted, albeit grudgingly.  Pragma: "If it can confuse an 
educated person, then it is not clear."    (03)

> see 'square of opposition' in a dictionary of philosophy, or the like.    (04)

A 19th century sort of concern that I would have considered 
clearly resolved by the following observation:
> (interestingly, contraries can both be false, but of two contradicting 
> statements, one must be false and the other true.)    (05)

My notion of "opposite" with respect to a proposition p is "not 
p".  I was unaware that this was "vague" or "ambiguous".  There 
is no relationship, in general, between (all x)(p x) and
(all x)(not (p x))    (06)

-Ed    (07)

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