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Re: [ontolog-forum] Current Semantic Web Layer pizza (was ckae)

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Ah, I don't think you mean what you say, Jerry. ;)    (01)

Of course you have syntax in those examples. Maybe not a compositional
syntax, if I can catch your intent. But you do have syntax.    (02)

"D", "O", and "G" mean something, i.e., they have a semantics. It's
just not very complicated and it's certainly not natural language
semantics.    (03)

Leo    (04)

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> > No.  You cannot do pragmatics without having syntax and semantics.
> >
> > It's impossible to say anything without syntax.  It's impossible
> > to refer to anything without semantics.  And it's impossible to
> > do anything pragmatically without being able to make statements
> > (syntax) that refer to something (semantics).
>Syntax is about how symbols combine, so atomic symbols can have
>semantics without syntax.  For example, a red flag with a white
>diagonal means there's a scuba diver below.  That's its semantics.
>But neither the red background nor the white diagonal mean anything by
>itself (just as the d, o, and g of "dog" mean nothing by
>themselves); so there's no syntax.  There can also be pragmatics; the
>symbol is often used, e.g., as bumper stickers, to announce oneself as
>a scuba diver.
>A more elaborate example is protolanguage, where there is simply a
>sequence of symbols and it's up to the hearer to figure out what the
>relations between their meanings are.  An example is the language of
>panic: "Help!  Collapsed!  Alex!  911!  Quick!"  There's no syntax;
>any order would convey the same thing.
>Is music an example of syntax and pragmatics without semantics?
>-- Jerry
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