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Re: [ontolog-forum] glossary of ontology terminology

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From: Pat Hayes <phayes@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 10:22:49 -0500
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>I appreciate your concern, and look forward to the debate.
>It looks to me that with the summit we have 
>agreed with some conclusions, and made some 
>decisions at least some people have and others 
>have not disagreed.
>  What I need (NOW) is to know what people mean 
>with the words they use. I would like to have 
>this collected on a page that can be used as a 
>working reference by more than one person.
>(I wrote to the applied ontology editor at cyc, 
>he writes a 4 pages article on 'applied 
>ontology' without producing a working definition 
>that I can quote in one sentence, unless I am 
>missing something - waiting for reply)    (01)

There may be a very good reason for that. Many 
notions simply do not have useful one-sentence 
definitions, but require a grasp of a good deal 
of background technical knowledge.    (02)

>This would not mean that anyone of us would 
>dictate to others how to use their words, rather 
>share with others what they mean, for the 
>purpose of common understanding, and where 
>possible, consensus building.
>Am I right that communication will be otherwise impossible in the long term?    (03)

No. Communication rarely depends on glossaries: 
it depends on shared knowledge. In my experience, 
attempting to achieve shared knowledge by 
constructing glossaries is doomed to be a 
time-wasting exercise. Most of the ISO glossaries 
are worse than useless, and when applied outside 
the scope of the subfield that composed them are 
actively harmful to communication.    (04)

>would I be right in thinking that a controlled 
>vocabulary is what we need to aim for    (05)

Absolutely NOT. Why would we need a controlled 
vocabulary? Most active fields of research and 
development do not have controlled vocabularies. 
Who does the controlling, in any case?    (06)

>and in fact, possibly an encyclopedia of some sort?
>Of course I can start compile one on my own 
>website, and invite anyone who wants to 
>contribute to take a stab, but I think it would 
>be preferable to have
>this as a community building exercise.    (07)

I disagree. If we have nothing better to do than this, lets just disband.    (08)

Pat Hayes    (09)

>Lets think of it,  what would be best and most useful
>On 6/18/07, Bill Andersen 
>Didn't we just all go through a grueling 4-month 
>exercise wherein it was explicitly decided that 
>nobody was going to try to decide what the term 
>"ontology" meant.  Is there reason to believe 
>this exercise, insofar as it departs from 
>including terms from such well-charted territory 
>as logic, will be any more successful?
>       .bill
>On Jun 18, 2007, at 06:37 , 
>dbedford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>I think starting a glossary of ontology 
>>terminology is an excellent idea.  I think, 
>>though, that there should be an editorial and 
>>peer review process in place to manage the 
>>quality of content and to facilitate resolution 
>>of variations.  And, that these processes 
>>should reflect the views and experiences of the 
>>larger community.
>>Best regards,
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>Subject: [ontolog-forum] glossary of ontology terminology
>I am looking for a credible glossary of 
>ontological terms, and I dont find anything 
>easily accessible, comprehensive and uptodate 
>that I can trust
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