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From: Peter Denno <peter.denno@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 19:02:25 -0400
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On Wednesday 27 October 2004 16:36, Monica J. Martin wrote:
> mm1: Here is an extract from CCTS v2.01 if this should help:
> "The representation of the information in a Core Component whose Core
> Component Type is Code. Type should use a standard issued by a recognized
> standards body, whenever a standard exists. If international standards
> are not used a business driven justification shall be provided."    (01)

This statement (rule C4 Section 6.1.1) appears to contradict the statement 
that Code.Type "should not be used if the character string identifies an 
instance of an Object Class or an object in the real world" ("Remark" in 
section 8.1). In fact, Codes typically refer to objects in the real world. I 
assume that the ISO 3166 country codes that the document makes reference to 
are Code.Types, and that when the spec says "identifies an object in the real 
world" it means the sort of reference such that "us" means United States and 
"cn" means China, two real world objects.    (02)

So it appears to me that the spec is broken. Yes?    (03)

The distinction I was trying to make cannot be discussed in this case, and 
anyway might have no bearing on the issue of Code.Type versus 
Identifier.Type.     (04)

I agree with Evan that the Mike Adcock paper doesn't shed any light on how I 
might distinguish a Code from an Identifier. The best I can tell, neither 
does the spec.    (05)

> I've also attached a paper from Mike Adcock, now deceased, who wrote
> about the quandry about code and identifier. A lot has been done and
> debated since this was produced in June 2002. As a final note, if it is
> a real world object, the representation term is used instead (if memory
> serves me correctly) not the Code. Type. Thanks.    (06)

Best Regards, 
- Peter     (07)

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